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feeling blah.

I’ve sort of been indulging in laziness lately.  I think BratzBasher’s been a bad influence on me.  I did go to the library bookstore for my volunteer shift.  It was pretty quiet.  We’ve got Beanie Babies at 50% off now, so a woman came in with her three kids and picked out a bunch.

When I got tired of reading my book (Mystic River by Dennis Lehane — a pass-along from my mother-in-law), I decided to sort out the greeting card rack.  We’ve been trying to unload the last of our greeting card stock and have finally reduced it to one four-sided rack.  We’ve got everything from New Year’s to First Communion to Christmas (and every occasion in between) for $1 each, but I guarantee we’re not going to sell all of them.  Most of them are very nice cards, but there are a few that are…how shall I put this?  Ugly.  Or lame.  Or obsolete — such as the one with aliens on the front, facing George W. Bush and saying, “Seriously, take us to your leader.”  I’m surprised (and a little disappointed) by the fact that all our bathroom humor cards are gone.

Anyway…one of the problems with the cards is that they don’t all have their original envelopes — or any envelopes at all.  I went through each shelf on the rack and matched up as many cards as I could with envelopes, but I wound up with three envelopes that didn’t fit the ten or so cards left.  I made an executive decision and pulled the Bush/alien cards and distributed those envelopes to more marketable cards.  I swear it’s like trying to mate socks after doing several loads of laundry.  Where do the envelopes go?  It’s a mystery.

Speaking of mysteries (Ooh, look at me!  I’m seguing!), I just finished a lame book called Virals by Kathy Reichs.  It’s like a cross between Spiderman and Scooby Doo.  Yeah, I know.  You’d think that would be totally awesome, right?  (That was sarcasm, by the way.)  I cringed every time I heard the leader of the meddling kids shout out, “Let’s go, Virals!” or something like it.  The kids called themselves virals because they were exposed to a mutant strain of parvovirus that gave them wolf-like superpowers.  Then they proceeded to solve a murder mystery.  At least they weren’t unmasking the man behind the ghost costume that was trying to scare people away from the counterfeit money factory.  There were no scooby snacks, either.

I don’t really feel like doing anything today.  I guess I’d better kick BB off the TV and do some Wii Fit.  Maybe that’ll help.  As long as I don’t weigh in.  I have a feeling I’ve gained a couple more pounds.