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BratzBasher came back from 5th-grade camp on Thursday with the news that 20 of the campers got sent home early with flu symptoms.  Most of the rest of them came home with bad coughs.  BB is still recovering from what we think is a combination of the flu and the lingering effects of pollen allergies.  She’s no longer clinging to me 24 hours a day, but the damage has already been done as I’m not feeling at all my best.

Saturday (I think it was Saturday) I had this song from Frasier stuck in my head, but I couldn’t remember all the words.  It was getting on BratzBasher’s nerves because, of course, I was singing it out loud.  I decided to put both of us out of our misery and find it on YouTube.

Of course, YouTube is like Lays potato chips: you can’t watch just one.  When the list of related videos included anime, BB insisted I click on it, and that’s what inspired the title of today’s post.  It’s supposedly an English translation of the Ojamajo Doremi theme song, and I was expecting stereotypical, high-pitched, cheery voices like the ones that sing the Teen Titans theme song.  Uh, no.  At first, I was like What the…? Then I had to listen to the whole thing.  BB and I were laughing almost to the point of hyperventilation.  Check it out for yourselves.