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What did you get for Christmas?


No, Christmas isn’t about the presents, but they’re a fun part. There’s a great feeling to be found in presenting a loved one with something that makes them smile. I still remember the way BratzBasher’s face lit up when she unwrapped a brand new, pink and white winter coat years ago (back when she still thought pink was cool). She hugged that coat tight and wore it most of the day — even indoors. I remember another Christmas even further back when Mom unwrapped that brand new mixer from Dad. She actually cried. Her old mixer had long ago broken down, and she’d missed it more than we’d realized. (Note to husbands everywhere: normally you should never buy your wife something that plugs in or reinforces a traditional female gender role, but there are exceptions to that rule.)

So do you have a special gift or memory of a gift, given or received? Please share it in the comment section.


Merry Christmas!

corn husk nativity

               (This colorful nativity set was crafted from corn husks in Mexico.)

It’s a Merry Steampunk Christmas

My Christmas isn’t exactly running like clockwork. Actually, clocks do seem to fit in with my Christmas as they represent the inevitable, unstoppable passage of time as I race to finish everything. Christmas will always arrive precisely on schedule. I just might not be ready for it. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong. Oh well. My family knows all about my tendency towards tardiness, and they love me anyway.

I was looking for something fun but pretty to decorate my blog today when I decided to try googling “steampunk Christmas”, and I rediscovered a great website called Urban Threads, which offers unique and fun embroidery designs (mostly machine embroidery, but some hand embroidery patterns as well). I already have a couple of their designs. (Not any of the ones below, though.)

clockwork reindeer

clockwork bird

clockwork snowflake

Steampunk Dirigible

Steampunk Santa

I think my favorite is the snowflake. And the bird. And Santa’s dirigible. And…

If you’re into embroidery, whether by machine or by hand, you should definitely check them out. They do more than just steampunk. However, if steampunk is your thing, they have plenty of that.

Ugh. I hate being sick.

sick Foo4

I’ve got a cough, sore throat, congestion…yeah, I’m sick.

Still working on Christmas, though.

Today’s image is a combination of two drawn by Ellen Jareckie of House-Mouse Designs.

Do Santa’s Reindeer Get Hazard Pay?

Why do I ask?

Do reindeer get hazard pay?

Just curious, is all.

It’s Christmas. Things are bound to get a little crazy.

tree fainted

I’m behind on my projects, so the house still isn’t ready for decoration. The good news is that the closer to Christmas the tree goes up, the fewer times you have to pick it up off the ground and stand it up again. Of course, this never happens at our house, and that’s one of the many reasons we don’t have a dog.

Getting into the Spirit

The other day, Merkin asked me when I would like to decorate for Christmas. He wanted to know when he would need to get this year’s tree. It’s a legitimate question. Normally, our house is so full (cluttered) that there’s no room for a tree. I have to do some serious cleanup/shifting of stuff in order to make room for Christmas every year. I’m not there yet, so I’ve decided to start decorating my blog. I’m hoping to give you a new holiday image to look at every day until Christmas. Today’s decoration:

The Wreath of Khan

wreath of khanThis was made by Annie Shapiro, who cut out each individual Khan by hand to make this collage.