Crocheted Fox Scarffox scarf thumbnail

G Hook
2 colors of yarn (one for the body and ears,
and a contrasting color for the muzzle and tail)
Black yarn for the nose
Yarn/darning needle
2 buttons (1/2 in – ¾ in) and black thread for the eyes

Start with the tail (contrasting color):
*Since we’re working in sc, skip the first st on every row.
1) Ch 2, turn
2) Sc, ch 1, turn
3) 3 sc in same st, ch 1, turn
4) 2 sc in same st, sc, 2 sc in last st, ch 1, turn
5) Sc all the way across (5 sc), ch 1, turn
6) Repeat pattern from steps 4 and 5, increasing every other row with 2 sc in both first and last st. until you have 19 st. across.
7) Add four more rows of 19 sc across, and change colors.
Now for the body (main color):
8) Continuing from the tail, sc all the way across (19 sc), ch 1, turn, repeat until you reach desired length, end. (The body of my fox is approx. 2 ft. long.)
The muzzle is worked separately (contrasting color):
9) Repeat steps 1-6, end.
For the nose (in black):
10) Repeat steps 1-5, end.
For the ears (make 2 in main color):
11) Repeat steps 1-5, ch 1, turn
12) 2 sc in same st, 3 sc, 2 sc in last stitch, ch 1, turn
13) 7 sc across, ch 1, turn
14) Add 2 more rows of 7 sc across, end.
15) Attach muzzle to body (right sides together) with whipstitch in contrasting color.
Just one more piece left:
16) In contrasting color, ch 5, turn
17) Sc all the way across, ch 1, turn
18) Repeat step 17 until you have a strip approx. 4 ½ in long, end.
19) Attach strip to underside of muzzle, starting approx. 1 in from tip with whipstitch in same color.
20) Attach nose on top of the end of the muzzle with whipstitch in same color.
21) Attach ears approx. 1.5 in above muzzle in main color.
22) Sew buttons on line between muzzle and body.

You’re done!


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