Once more, with feeling! (Sept 13-Oct 1, 2011)

As I am currently rereading (or is that “re-reading”? — whatever) one of my all-time favorite books: Watership Down, I thought it might be fun to find out what everyone else’s favorite books are.  So I’m having another contest!  Because they’re fun.

I’m naming the contest after my favorites bookshelf on Goodreads: “Again! Again! Again!”  (Okay, it’s actually “again-again-again”, but that’s because Goodreads wouldn’t let me do it my way.)

Entering is very simple.  Just post a comment telling me your favorite book (one book, not an author or series — though it can be part of a series.) that you love to read over and over and over again, and explain why it’s so awesome.  The winner will be judged solely on their post, not their chosen book.  So don’t be afraid to admit that your favorite go-to is some steamy bodice ripper or even Hop on Pop.

The winner will receive a paperback copy of any book on my again-again-again shelf*, provided that it’s still in print — which I think they all are.  Entry comments must be submitted to this post before 12:00 am, October 1, 2011.

*Prize choices exclude book compilations (e.g., Winnie the Pooh Treasury)/collections.


2011 Artistic Genius Contest (Mar 19-Apr 23, 2011)

Participants must submit an original work of their  own design.  This is not limited to visual art, nor will it need to be serious.  In fact, I’m hoping it won’t be.  Submissions may be any of the following:

  • a short story
  • poem
  • picture (either drawing/painting/whatever, photograph, or photoshopped awesomeness)
  • a craft (ie: sewing, home decor, magnet, you get the idea…)
  • any other type of creation that you have invented yourself

Submissions must be created after March 19, 2011.  Contest will be open until 9pm (CST), on April 23rd, 2011.  Winners will be announced on April 25th, 2011, as soon as I feel like logging on and posting them.

1st place winner will receive a $20 gift card to the store/restaurant of their choice (provided that I can purchase it in Missouri, either at the establishment or online).

2nd place winner will receive any one of the books I have reviewed on this blog or on my account–provided it’s still in print, of course.

3rd place winner will receive a set of 8 bunny-themed, all-purpose greeting cards.  Or, if my one male reader gets this (assuming he submits anything), something manly that we’ll figure out later.

4th place winner will receive…drumroll, please…a xylophone.  (Nothing fancy, of course — just a nod to my number one search term.)

So fire up your right brain and explore your inner artist, people!  You have five weeks.

This page will not self-destruct in 15 seconds because that would be ridiculous.

4/18/2011 — We have our first submission!  BratzBasher has entitled this “Oh, look honey.”

Other than the dot eyes and the labels, this photo has not been altered from its original form.

The winner of the 2011 Artistic Genius Contest is…


*yay! applause!*

As the one and only winner (and entrant) of the contest, she gets to name her own prize.  She’s opted for gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Guilty Pleasures Contest (May 22-31)

I’m in the mood to bake cookies.  Are you in the mood to eat some?  The person with the most entertaining answer to the following question will get two dozen homemade cookies baked by yours truly.

Everybody has at least one guilty pleasure.  Something silly or lame that they enjoy but have no wish to make public knowledge.  I’m not talking about anything vulgar — just, you know, maybe it’s a tad embarrassing or just doesn’t fit the image you wish to present to the public?  For example:  I’ve got a bunch of Hall and Oates songs on my Zune because every once in a while I’m in the mood for that sort of thing.  It’s not something I’d be blaring on my car stereo with the windows rolled down — or even on the speakers at home when I’m not alone — but once in a great while, I want some cheesy ’80s tunes.  Method of Modern Love just happens to fit the bill nicely.  Soooo…

What is your guilty pleasure?  Do remember to keep it clean, folks.  Unless your guilty pleasure is making mud pies.  Here’s a little something to inspire you:

Contest ends May 31st, 2010.

*June 8, 2010 — And the winner is…Merkin! I confess I already knew about the cartoons and South Park, but Moulin Rouge was news to me.  Thank you to all who participated.  Now I need to go bake some cookies.  Shame I don’t have a windmill cookie cutter.

First Ever Bored Bunny Contest (Mar 1-7, 2010)

In honor of my birthday (despite the fact that it’s over), I’m having the first-ever Bored Bunny contest!  Woo-hoo!  The rules are simple:

1. Post a link to the cutest bunny pic you can find, or email the pic to

2. Whoever sends in the picture I like best will receive a fabulous prize in the mail.  Don’t ask what it is; I’m not telling.

3. There is also a second prize in this contest: first-time commenter.  To win this prize, you must comment on one of my posts for the very first time and include a link to a cute bunny pic.  Cutest bunny from a first-time commenter gets the prize.

4. If the absolute cutest bunny pic is from a first-time commenter, that person will receive BOTH prizes, so don’t think my family’s got it in the bag just because they’re the only three people who’ve already commented on my blog.

You may now embark upon your quest.  (Don’t forget: “fabulous prizes”)

Need I tell you what the prizes are?  Oh, all right.  If I have to.  I guess.  Winners will receive their choice of one of the following:

* A $10 gift card to my favorite craft junkie store: Michael’s

* A set of 10 handmade note cards (envelopes included, of course)

* A copy of any one of the books I’ve reviewed so far in this blog


Christy sent this in for the first-time commenter win:

Isn’t it sweet?

The difficulty came when choosing the overall cutest photo.  Mad’s bunny (left) is classically sweet, while lbs’ bunny (right) has a definite squeal factor — as in,” Oh! It’s clapping! Cute!”

So I broke the tie the only way I know how.  I compared the noses.  Mad’s won.

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