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Let’s NOT talk about my wisdom teeth.

Except for this paragraph in which I’ll tell you that they’re now officially gone (all four of them), and I don’t remember any of the process (awesome).  I’ll also tell you that Merkin got the day off (officially — he still had to log in and work from home a bit), and has been taking very good care of me.  Then he brought BratzBasher home, and she cuddled with me and discussed silly things.  It made me feel better.  That and the drugs.   Mmm…drugs….  Add in the cold gel packs, and the swelling has almost completely gone down.  Also awesome.  So a few days of mashed potatoes, soup, and chocolate pudding should have me right as rain.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of some quilted star ornaments I made.  The one in the middle is from the first year I made them, but the other two are new this year, using scraps.  The one on the right has a cool spiral pattern that wraps all the way from front to back (as you can see in the second picture).  The one on the left has just one piece of fabric in the center and some rectangular pieces tucked into the second row of triangles to hide pins:


100_0218I had a couple of friends over for lessons on how to make these, and we had a great time chatting and folding and pinning.  If  you want directions for the spiral pattern, I’m planning on doing another one so I can document the steps.  It’s for the Purple Lady, so it’ll be in shades of purple.  That should make it easier to see the spirals.

I’m also crocheting a scarf out of Lion brand’s Homespun yarn for my grandmother.  It’s super soft yarn, but a bit difficult to work with, so it’s slow going.  I’m getting there, though.  Should have it done in plenty of time for Christmas.  The color I chose is “parfait” because she likes pink.  This is pink, but not overpoweringly so.  It should go with lots of different things.

homespun parfait yarn

I wouldn’t exactly call them “free”.

free punches in faceNo, really.

All the people I want to punch in the face have actually earned it.

I just wish people would stop picking on my kid, that’s all.

Do you know how it feels…?

…to be trapped under a giant pile of your own dirty laundry in a room with a closed door and music playing so loud that no one hears your cries for help, and you have to try to get someone’s attention by sliding a hanger back and forth under the door?

Neither does any teenager I know.trapped under laundry

Frustrated is an understatement.

I don’t believe they’ve yet invented the word to describe the process of establishing an UMSL email account, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it without being excommunicated.

Other than that, I’m fine.  How are you?

Before I plunge right back in…

I’ve altered the pattern for BratzBasher’s coat.  I started with a costume pattern meant to resemble Neo’s long, black coat from The Matrix, and now I’ve got a shorter (BB isn’t that tall), yellow (leaning toward orange) coat.  I had no idea it would be such a chore to alter it, but it took me three hours to make all of the changes.  Of course, part of that time was spent figuring out how to do it without losing the shape at the bottom.  There wasn’t a line on the pattern that said, “shorten/lengthen here”, so I had to…well, nevermind.  I got it done.

I’ll post a pic of the finished coat when I’m through.  So far, I’ve cut out all the pieces, ironed on all of the interfacing, and stitched the front, back, and sides together.  Now I just have to sew on the collar, the front facings, the back facing, the sleeves…remembering to add the white swirls to the sleeves before I assemble them.  Sigh.  That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  My goal is to finish it by the end of Friday.  Saturday is reserved for major cleanup to make the house presentable for Christmas.  Have to clean up the everyday junk before I can set out my Christmas junk, you know.  The hardest places will be my sewing area, which has grown to encompass most of the front room, and the coffee juice table.  Those darn flat surfaces, yeah?

Meanwhile, we’ve all got allergies — or have they morphed into colds?  I can’t tell.  I know that the mold count was off the charts lately, but it seems to have settled down now — as has my cough.  Still, we’re all congested.  BB is almost as bad as I am when she’s sick.  The thing that makes her better than I am is the fact that she takes her medicine without complaint — even the liquid stuff.  I’m still terrible about that.  She asks every morning if she’s sick enough to stay home from school, but she never has a fever.  Poor kid.  Now go to school and quit bugging me.

Well, it’s time to get dressed and go be productive for a few hours.  Wish me luck.

Remember that dress I was making?

I followed all the directions, it fit the dress form, I made sure the measurements matched my body, I kept the seam allowance where it was supposed to be…it’s beautiful.  I love it.  And if I had remembered to reset my dressform since the last dress I made, I would’ve known earlier on that it would never fit me.  I honestly don’t know what went wrong.  To say I’m just a little disappointed would be an understatement.  I’m darn near devastated.  Life sucks sometimes.

Because I feel like I should be blogging.

Unfortunately, most of what I have to blog about is on the depressing side, and I’m trying not to dwell on it too much.  Shall we just get it out of the way and move on to stuff that isn’t as important but at least isn’t depressing?

Post-accident report:

The car is totaled, and fixing it is not worth the trouble/money.  It’ll be a while before we get a new one, but I’m being patient because we’re getting by all right without it for the time being.  Meanwhile, the police report came back, and the officer put down that Merkin ran a red light.  Actually, it was yellow, and now it looks like it was all his fault when it wasn’t.  Nothing to be done about that.  Really, nothing.  It’s been very depressing for everyone.

On the plus side, BB’s made a full recovery.  We’ve also got leads on a couple of cars that look good.  They’re in Idaho, but it might be worth it to go fetch them.  Yeah, I know.  Idaho?  Well, Merkin’s mom (who lives in Idaho) has connections with the health department, and they’ve got a couple of good cars going up for auction.  They’re well-maintained, but they tend to get rid of them after they hit a certain number of years/miles.  These only have about 40,000.

Me report:

I’m still trying to convince myself to do a little cleaning around here.  If only it didn’t seem so overwhelming.  I’d love to just chuck it all and start over, but I can’t do that with everything.  Some of our possessions are actually necessary.  Or at least, we’d sorely miss them should they disappear.  I could at least tidy up my sewing area.  I promised myself I’d only have one project out at a time, but that promise seems to have been thrown by the wayside in favor of the good ol’ sprawl style of decorating.  Probably wouldn’t be so bad if my sewing area weren’t in the front room.  And after a friend of mine went to so much trouble to help me get that room straightened out.

Let’s have some good news:

It’s Medieval Day at BB’s school, and she looked adorable this morning in her Renn Faire costume.  I love that it still fits her.  Let’s hope it always does.  One can hope, right?  Maybe I should make me one just for kicks.  But that would be one more sewing project in the front room.  Can’t have that.  Maybe if I tell myself, “Two.  Only two,” I can also keep my cross stitch butterfly lap quilt in the front room, too.  I have stopped buying material.  Except for this really great stuff that I’ll make a dress out of when I finally get the house clean enough to have a place to cut out the pieces.  How did I get on this topic again?  Stop it, Foo4.

I’m keeping my weight down by walking to and from school every day to pick up BB.  It also makes me feel like I’m being a good mom.  I’ll even take her a change of clothes today so she won’t have to walk home in costume.  See how awesome I am?

I need to go do something productive now.  Or play Shoot Bubble Deluxe.  At this point, I can go either way.