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The Good(will), the Bad, and the Oh-My-Lanta…

Monday found me at the Goodwill again. That place is a treasure trove of crazy, folks, but sometimes there’s stuff worth bringing home. Normally, I’ll bug my long-distance friend via text with pics. This week, there were just too many to share, so I’m posting them here instead. I’ll show them in order of discovery.

Two words, people: tweed culottes.

Last year, around this time, I told people all about the Christmas tin I found that had been decorated with googly eyes, buttons, and beads all over the lid. I saw it for weeks, and then it disappeared. Well, folks, it’s back in time for the holiday season, and now I have the picture to prove it.

Does anyone else remember the cutest character on the PBS series Clifford the Big Red Dog?T-Bone is so adorable that I almost brought him home with me. I resisted, though. I’m hoping some lucky kid will be seeing this guy under the tree. I think Goodwill’s stuffed animal aisle is more of a stuffed animal shelter with lots of discarded plushies waiting to be adopted. A dog as friendly and sweet as this guy should be snatched up pretty quick.


This package of random cookie cutters included a large maple leaf, a heart, and Pocahontas.

Now you can bake with all the colors of the wind.


I think these snowmen are rather adorable, but one of them couldn’t stand up properly. (He could be missing a part.) Plus, they have glitter in some places, and that stuff needs to stay the heck out of my house.

In hindsight, I should have purchased this coconut bra and just cut off the straps.Linda’s always wanted a horse like Patsy.

There was a time when I would have balked at this t-shirt, but now I just think the bees are cute. I still wouldn’t wear it, but that’s just a matter of personal style.

Well, I should really get back to my seasonal crafting. Christmas waits for no (wo)man. Happy Holidays, y’all!