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Exercise and a Question of the Day

Merkin has sort of become my exercise partner.  We don’t work out together, but he drives me to the gym and back.  For some reason, that makes it easier.  It’s like he’s enabling my new habit — which isn’t a habit yet.  Does anyone know how long you’re supposed to do something before you can consider it a habit?  I seem to remember it being something like two weeks, but it could be two months.  Maybe it depends on the habit you’re trying to develop.  At any rate, I worked out last night and yesterday, making this two days in a row of exercising madness!  I’m not sure if two 45-minute workouts can be considered madness, though.  Maybe it depends on your point of view.

Tomorrow we leave for sunnier parts to celebrate Christmas with Merkin’s family.  There’ll be four out of the six brothers there (including Merkin) plus their parents.  And, of course, all the wives and children.  (Wait.  That sounded weird.  Maybe it’s just because we’re Mormon.)  It should be fun.  (I don’t have to put an exclamation point on the end of that last sentence for it to sound sincere, do I?  Because I think I’m too tired for any more exclamation points.)

We haven’t really done a whole lot to “Christmas” up our house, so it hasn’t quite felt like Christmas yet.  I’m sure that will all change when we get to AZ.  There may not be snow, but they’ll have everything else.  Please don’t let them be playing “Little Drummer Boy” at any point.  Have I mentioned that I can’t stand that song?  Of course I have.  I’m sure of it.  Merkin hears it every year.  I tell everyone.  Not that I have anything against the story.  I just hate the song.  So here’s the Question of the Day:

Is there a holiday song that you can’t stand?  What is it, and why do you hate it so much?  You don’t have to answer that last question if your choice is “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” — any version.  That’s pretty self-explanatory.  In fact, let’s just assume that nobody likes that song.  Pick a different one for your answer.  If you can’t think of one you hate, then tell me one you love.  What’s your favorite.  (I will still speak to you if you say “Little Drummer Boy”, though I may question your taste.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.)

Oh! Before I forget — BratzBasher’s white elephant gift was a big hit.  Her teacher said it beat the long-standing champion of GATE white elephant gifts: a 16-lb. bowling ball.  We’re very proud.  BratzBasher wound up with a tangled slinky.  She managed to untangle it before the gift exchange was completed.


Just a reminder and a QotD

The deadline for the Again! Again! Again! contest is 12:00 pm, October 1.  Click on the link, and tell us what your go-to book is and why it’s special to you.

After re-reading the original post, I realized that I never told you what my go-to book is.  As I’m not officially entering this contest, I don’t have to limit my answer to one – ha!  I have different go-to books, depending on what mood I’m in.

If I want something that completely pulls me in, I read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  There’s one particular passage in that book when Ender and his team are psyched up to fight their first battle.  As they’re running to the game room, Ender occasionally jumps up to touch a spot on the low ceiling of the hallway, and each team member jumps up to touch that same spot.  The first time I read it, I wanted to jump, too.  There are other books that draw me in, but none of them has ever made me jump the way that book does.

If I need cheering up, I read a children’s book — usually one with very few words but pictures that make me smile.  Mercer Mayer’s books, such as Hiccup or A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog, are good for this.  I also like David Wiesner’s Tuesday.  If you haven’t read that one, you are seriously missing out.

If I’m feeling romantic, I read Jane Austen.  Persuasion is my favorite of her books.

Now for the Question of the Day…

What have you always wanted to do but never did because you were too scared?  This could be an adventure, a goofy act, speaking your mind to someone about something that drives you crazy, a performance….  Is it a matter of guts, or are you afraid you’d fail?

For me, I’d have to say that I’d love to craft for a living, but that just ain’t gonna happen.  (Please pardon my poor grammar.)  I am no entrepeneur, and I don’t think my stuff is professional quality — although I’d love to learn how to improve my skills.  Most of what I do is self-taught, though some of that self-teaching builds on basics that I learned from others.  So what’s your pipe dream?

Just posting for the sake of posting. With lists and a Question of the Day!

I thought it was time I blogged about something, but there’s not a whole lot I feel like typing about.  I’m feeling a bit lazy, actually.  I suppose I could tell you what I’ve done today — boring as it is.

  • I finished loading the dishwasher, which is running right now.
  • I showered and dressed — before I did the dishes.
  • I fed BratzBasher breakfast and lunch.
  • I made a double batch of lemon bars in order to use up some of the lemons we got in the last produce shipment.
  • I finished Skybreaker, the second adventure in the Matt Cruse series by Kenneth Oppel.  Maybe I’ll post reviews soon.  Emphasis on “maybe”.
  • I played bubble spinner until I reached level 5 and got bored and killed myself — ended the game prematurely, I mean.  There was no real-life suicide involved.
  • I checked my email.
  • I’m blogging right now.

There’s my day so far.

My favorite pair of Skullcandy hesh headphones has broken.  I am very unhappy about this because they were totally awesome:

  • parabolic earpieces
  • excellent sound
  • a volume adjuster located just six inches down the cord
  • one cord on the left side so that I could take them off backwards or forwards without worrying about strangling myself
  • awesome graphics — red, white, and black with skulls and stars and a padded, embroidered bridge (? — not sure what the thing connecting the earpieces is called)
  • a nylon covered cord
  • an extension to make the cord long enough to put my Zune in my back pocket
  • a cord with a plug narrow enough to fit in the receiving end without taking off my awesome, new protective casing.

I told you they were totally awesome.

I need a pick-me-up.  I’d better put on some music.  Which brings me to the Question of the Day: What do you listen to when you need cheering up?

Random junk

I was uncharacteristically productive yesterday.  The house, however, showed no signs of said productivity, which is very much in character for me.  I’m referring to cleanliness being a sign of productivity.  The cookies on the dining room table don’t count. Here’s what I did:

  • I made breakfast for BratzBasher and myself.
  • I cleaned out the fabric-filled tub I found in the craft closet and filled it with other stuff that could conceivably belong there. (The fabric belongs in the sewing bin.)
  • I emptied one of the several tubs o’ stuff in front of the craft closet and put the items in the closet in an orderly fashion.
  • I made lunch for BratzBasher and myself, including the mashed potatoes I was craving.  It was my first time making mashed potatoes.  They turned out all right.
  • I made two batches of cookies: ginger snaps (which aren’t very snappy — I think I made them too big.) and BratzBasher’s prize chocolate chip cookies.  BB helped with the latter.  As is usual when assisting/being assisted by BB, I got an ingredient amount wrong and caused her to put in an extra egg.  They turned out all right.  Chocolate chip cookies can be very forgiving.
  • I Cleaned up my mess.  Well, from the cookies.
  • I put together my brother’s birthday present and have it all sealed and ready to take the the post office.  It needs postage.
  • I wrote out two notes for visiting teaching sisters who are “mail contact only”, using the awesome cards I designed at the R&S work day that I have since completed.

BratzBasher is preparing items for a time capsule activity at Young Women’s tomorrow, including her Spock keychain, a Pink Floyd: The Wall pin, a teeny tiny devil ducky, and a golden spike pin that is supposed to be a souvenir from the site where they finished the transcontinental railroad (a present from one of the grandmas) but instead represents a stake with which to kill vampires.  I told her she should write out a note to remind her future self what everything means.

Well, I’ve got more stuff to do today, and a lunch date with a friend.  I’d better shower and dress, don’t you think?

But first, let’s have another Question of the Day/Week/Whatever.

What would you put in a time capsule for your future self/descendants?

Please list at least three items.  It isn’t necessary to explain their significance.  I think it’s more fun to leave people wondering, “What the heck is that supposed to represent?”  I’ll need to ponder some more before I list my three.

QotD-4: Reveling in the lameness

I’m currently listening to Dean Koontz’s Dead and Alive, the third book in the Frankenstein series.  I’m a big fan of Koontz.  I like his sense of humor, he can write really freaky-psycho bad guys, and Odd Thomas is one of my favorite characters.  I read the first two Frankenstein books in hard copy, so I don’t know how they rate in audio format, but the guy reading book 3 doesn’t seem too impressed with the material.  His reading comes across as almost sarcastic.  At first, this bothered me because it’s difficult to really get into a book if the reader isn’t taking it seriously.  However, the further I got, the more I began to enjoy the reader’s tone.  The way he reads it, Dead and Alive is a much funnier book.  The scenes involving Bucky and Janet on their killing spree are downright hilarious.  I think there are quite a few lame books out there that could do with some sarcastic audio performances.  Therefore, my Question of the Day is…

What book would you like to hear read in a sarcastic tone?

Somebody give this girl a government grant! QotD-3

BratzBasher’s class has been presenting their science projects this week.  I’ve been enjoying hearing about the different projects and what BB thinks about them.  This morning, as we waited for her bus, she told me about Antarctica‘s project.  It asked, “Which scented candle burns the longest —  WhiteRain, or Apple?”  She titled it “Let There Be Light!”  I know I shouldn’t be surprised (I mean, this is Antarctica we’re talking about), but Whiskey Tango?!  Seriously?!

So my Question of the Day: What is the dumbest science project you’ve ever heard of?  This can be a project conducted by “professionals” or school children.  Antarctica gets my vote.

I have to admit, though, that my favorite science project I’ve seen (in the humor category) was one done by a sixth grader about the effects of cigarette smoke on plants.  The student’s mom smoked, so he grew two plants in 2-liter soda bottles (one for him and one for mom) and had his mom blow cigarette smoke into hers every day.  The plants were on display.  The student’s was pretty much dead, but the mom’s was flourishing.  In the post-experiment comments he mentioned that his plant probably would have turned out better if he’d watered it.

Bunny Break & QotD-2

Earlier this week, BratzBasher walked through the front door after school twenty minutes later than usual.  Before I could get my hug, she dragged me into the front room to look out the window.

Mom: What am I looking at?

BratzBasher: It’s right there.  Oh no!  It’s ear fell off!

Mom: Where?

BB: Wait.  No, it didn’t.  It’s right there.

Mom: Where?  Where am I supposed to be looking?

BB: It’s right at the bottom of the tree.

Mom: Which one?  Oh.  Oh!  How cute!  I’m taking pictures.

She made me my very own snow bunny with leaf ears, pebble eyes, and a sweet gum ball tail (or, as we call it, a poinky ball).  It’s almost melted away now, but I have pictures!

Anyway…it’s been almost a month since the last (first, actually) Question of the Day.  Maybe I should start calling it Question of the Month.  Today’s question — or tomorrow’s if you’re reading this at a reasonable hour of the day — was inspired by an interesting tidbit I learned at JET today.  The people of Tajikistan are very dedicated to preserving their history and culture.  One historian has been elevated to the status of having his face featured on one  denomination of the country’s currency.  Other famous Tajiks who share this honor include literary figures and…oh, darn — I forget what else.  The point is, there are no politicians on the money.  I said to BratzBasher, “That would be like England putting Shakespeare on their pound notes instead of the Queen.”  We tried to think of who might be chosen to appear on U. S. currency if we did it that way here.  The first person that came to mind was Mark Twain.

Excluding politicians, whom do you think we should put on our money?