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Me and anniversaries…

I was sitting here trying to remember how long I’ve been blogging when I realized that I missed my second blogging anniversary.  Not that I would normally celebrate it, but I missed the first one, so…

Oh well.  When it comes to anniversaries, I’m a regular Forgetful Jones.

I’m not sure which of these two sillies I am — Forgetful, or his cousin.  That’s okay.  Blogging anniversaries aren’t nearly as important as my wedding anniversary — which I can never remember, either.  I’m pretty sure it’s already happened this year.  (That was a little joke, Merkin.)

So are there any other Forgetfuls out there?

Got a visit from the police today.

As part of what Merkin refers to as “shovel-ready stimulus”, the city is pulling up pieces of the curbs in our neighborhood.  There’s no apparent method to their madness.  They’ve seemingly marked sections willy-nilly because I honestly can’t tell the difference between the marked and unmarked curb sections (except for the markings, of course).  We’re going to lose our driveway pretty soon because the end pieces are marked for replacement.  It will take a week for the concrete to cure, so we’ll be without a driveway for seven days.

Work was supposed to commence on the 28th, but of course it didn’t.  When I saw the crews pulling curb yesterday, I thought I’d be proactive and park across the street — the nearest spot that was clear of markings.  They never did get as far as our house, but I didn’t think to move the car.  Apparently, that was very rude of me.

The neighbors not only left a note on my vehicle (which included a plea to get my oil leak fixed (What oil leak?), but they also called the cops on me.  The officer was very nice.  He had been told there was a derelict vehicle parked in that spot and that it was leaking oil.  He’d taken a look and didn’t see any leaking oil, so he knocked on my door and asked if my vehicle was operational.  Yes, sir.  It’s only been there since yesterday afternoon.  Is there a problem?  No, the vehicle was legally parked and not leaking, but he did receive a call and had to check it out and file a report.  I gave him my name and number and thanked him before he drove off.  Then I put on my shoes and went to check out the note.  I even looked under the car for leaking oil — although the police officer told me it wouldn’t be an issue unless it was a serious leak that presented a fire hazard.  No leak.  Legally parked.  I didn’t move until I had to run an errand this afternoon.  I figured I’d park in the same spot again if they were working on my street when I got back, or I’d park in my driveway if they weren’t.

I’m parked in my driveway now, but there are those whatchamacallits that designate a “keep-off” area are now bracketing the driveway.  I guess I’ll be parking across the street tomorrow.  And for another six days after that.  My neighbors work all day and don’t get home until evening.  Parking on the street will be at a premium due to lack of space, and they’re not even losing their driveway.  Just because it’s in front of your house doesn’t mean you’ve got dibs on it.  Now, if I were parking on their lawn…

So what do you think?

Can’t decide. You do it.

I need to decide what I’m going to write about next.  What do you think?

Okay, these results are pretty pathetic.  Guess I’ll have to make my own decisions, huh?

It’s an anonymous poll, people!

Okay, I know get a lot more views on this blog than I do comments.  Aside from the spammers, I only get comments from three people.  However, I know y’all are out there because My Dashboard says so.  Now’s your chance to give some feedback without identifying yourselves or giving any personal information away.  The following poll was inspired by Madhousewife’s recent post.  You can read it here.