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Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

I saw this sticker on a car while out and about today:

save_a_life_spay_neuter_stickerFirst of all, I’d like to point out that I’m all in favor of spaying and neutering your pets to prevent unwanted pet progeny. The bottom line on this sticker is a great message; however (and I admit I’m nit picking here), I’m having a little difficulty with the accuracy of the first three words at the top. Whose life are we saving by spaying or neutering our pets? Theirs? Ours? No. I believe the idea is that the act of spaying or neutering will prevent innocent, unwanted kitties and puppies from being killed — whether in shelters or the harsh life of the streets. How are we preventing this murder? By preventing the kitties and puppies from ever being born. Shouldn’t we be saying, “Prevent a Life So We Don’t Have to Kill It”?

My apologies if you are an animal lover/animal rights activist/anyone who is offended by talk of killing puppies/kitties. I’m just bugged by weird things like inaccurate bumper sticker statements.

NOTE TO SELF: Pizza at 2:00 AM is never a good idea.

I had a seriously crazy dream last night involving:

  • an old high school boyfriend
  • Neil Diamond
  • toe rings
  • a de-aged brother-in-law
  • high school marching band

I can’t even begin to explain all of it, but I will say that Neil Diamond had taken a page out of Jane Seymour’s book and started his own line of jewelry called “Diamond Love”, and the father of a friend of mine had surprised his wife with His/Her toe rings from this collection for their wedding anniversary.

It was sausage pizza, by the way. That always seems to be the riskiest topping for midnight pizza snacks.

Things that make you say, “Really?”

Our neighbor held up traffic while walking her dog today.  Apparently, she couldn’t get out of the way because her dog was doing its business in the middle of the street.  On a positive note, she did pick up after it.  On an even more positive note, it wasn’t my lawn.  (That would be our other neighbors’ dog.)

This shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.

Okay, you know those mechanical gorillas that businesses put out in front to attract customers?  And you know how sometimes they dress the gorilla up to make it more eye-catching?  That can have some unfortunate consequences, in my opinion.

There is a local business that I drive by just about every day.  They have a gorilla.  Months ago, they added a day-glo yellow vest (the kind construction workers wear).  That was fine.  It was when they added the pink tutu that things got a little weird.  You see, the gorilla doesn’t have any hips.  The tutu started slipping down just a couple of days after it appeared.  A couple of weeks ago, the tutu had arrived at a place rather low down on said gorilla,  and I can’t help thinking it looks…hmm…how shall I put this?  The gorilla appears to be exhibiting inappropriate behavior.  It’s like it’s flashing passing traffic.

I know this shouldn’t bother me.  It’s a gorilla.  Gorillas don’t even wear tutus.  It isn’t even an anatomically correct gorilla.  It does bug me, though.  Am I crazy?  And no, I will not provide a picture.

Thank you for that valuable ft information.?

You won’t get the title if you don’t read the entire post.  I recommend reading it aloud for maximum enjoyment.  Without further ado, here is what I found in my spam queue:

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You’re welcome.

This one’s a doozy.

I had a crazy dream last night.  I’m sure you’d love to hear all about it.

So my oldest sister put together a circus — sort of a family reunion celebration, except that the family had to work in the circus instead of enjoy it.  I had the worst job.  I was in charge of all the sound for the circus.  From opening to closing, I controlled the sounds, the music, all of the audio.  I even did the animal sounds, although there were real animals who could’ve made the sounds.  This is a lot of work, so Big Sis ordered a contraption built to help me manage it all.  It was made from plywood, various bungee cords, and an old stationary bicycle.  I had to pedal the bike to power the machine.  All afternoon/evening.  Everyone else got breaks in between their acts.  I was really put out, as you can imagine.

Anyway…there were other parts to this dream that are not so clear, but still interesting– including the fact that nobody remembered to pack any extra socks to wear (except me).  One of the most bizarre side plots was the orchestra.  (My contraption only signaled them when to play.  It didn’t produce actual music.)  The musicians were all Charlton Heston clones.  It gets better.  They were various ages because each year, they’d make a new clone for each instrument in the orchestra.  Each generation of clones had a day job — such as policeman, accountant, whatever — though why they couldn’t make money as the Charlton Heston Clone Orchestra baffled me.

Weird, huh?

new words and other oddities

BratzBasher isn’t the best of spellers, and sometimes she winds up creating the most interesting new words.  Yesterday, while working on her science review packet, she inadvertently spelled “hippos” with two b’s: “hibbo”.  What does this new word mean?  Why, hippo hobo, of course!  We took a study break to make you an illustration.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of a tapworm.  I couldn’t be bothered to draw it today, but BB showed me what it should look like.

Also on my mind is this picture:

Is it just me, or does this dress look as if it’s made of fruit leather?

That’s it.  Talk amongst yourselves now.  I’ll give you a topic: Fruit leather is neither fruit nor leather.  Discuss.