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Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

sewing machine funny clickr — What kind of sewing machine do you have?  Mine didn’t come with a clickr.  Sounds rather new-fangled.

pretty ice cream — Is there any “ugly” ice cream?  Well, maybe rocky road.  That stuff has marshmallows in it.

tanlged pun — Nelson says, “HA ha!”

gorgonzola muppets — I think they’re looking for Gonzo.

i love nature because — Don’t leave us hanging!  Tell us more — preferably in haiku form.

diagrams of rabbits — How about this?

is darnit a mad word — I think of it as more of a “frustrated” word.  That’s usually what I am when I say it.  Or are you asking if it’s a word in mad’s vocabulary?  Probably.

voluntwer appreciation cake — I think this is the site you’re looking for.


It’s time for another Monday Search Term Madness!  YAAAAYYY! (ala Kermit the Frog)  Without further ado, here are the latest gems from my stat page:

xlopnone — I’m pretty sure this isn’t how “xylophone” is spelled in any language.

define: xylophone —  Sounds cagey to me.  In what sort of situation would someone ask, “Is that a xylophone?” only to receive the response “Define: xylophone.”

xylophone madness —  I can’t decide if this refers to something geeky or awesome.  Or perhaps a music store sale.

milking cows by hand — I understand that you would be hard put to find something for which there aren’t instructions on the internet, but where do you set your laptop in order to maximize viewing and minimize the chances of Bossy kicking a hole in the screen?

big drawing of cows that are easy —  This one looks pretty easy.  I think it’s the eyeshadow.  Makes her look cheap. Oh, great.  Now I’ve got “Ring My Bell” stuck in my head.

free dr mojo jojo toy —  This sounds like a human rights campaign.  Or a primate rights campaign.  Free Mojo Jojo!  Equal benefits for an evil nemesis!

mojo jojo bored look —  He looks pretty bored here:

mojojojo confused

Hmm…why are we freeing this guy again?  Oh, yes.  It’s because of all those great…

mojo jojo quotes — This is one of my favorites:

Excuse me sir, but can you direct me to the location of where I can locate some eggs for I would like to purchase them so that I can take them home with me and I can eat them today.
And maybe tomorrow.

bitten twix bar —  I’ve never been that desperate.

And last, but not least…drum roll, please…

“pull your pants up…your panties are showing.” —  I know exactly what they’re talking about.  Do you remember this?

Monday Search Term Madness – 10

It’s been a while since I posted anything and even longer since I posted an installment of MSTM.  Hope it was worth the wait.

milk & cookie luv — I do luv me some milk and cookie.  However, I find those cutesy images of a glass of milk and cookie holding hands (hands?!) with hearts floating around a little disturbing.  Don’t you?  I would think that IF milk and cookies were sentient they would avoid each other like the plague because seeing them together is liable to give people ideas.  Plus, PETA is crazy enough — we don’t need them trying to take away our milk and cookies, too.

school bakery library — Mmm…baked goods and books…drool

library heaven — See above

tylenol extra regular strength — It’s not just “regular”, it’s “extra regular”!

stick no bills — I think it would be easier to come up with something clever if this were “no stick bills”.  Yeah, I got nothin’.

pictures of sewing things — Things you sew with?  Things sewing?

sewing thing — Is this one of those situations where you just can’t remember the word, or do you mean “sewing Thing”?  Question: How does he thread his needles?

psycho rangers costume — A picture is worth a thousand words:

bunnies with cookies — Shhh!  Don’t tell, and I’ll split the whole plate with you 50/50.

Monday Search Term Madness – 9

It’s time for another round of MSTM, and I’ve got a few really good ones this week.

sewing a finger on a machine — Are you using the sewing machine to sew a finger, or sewing a finger onto another type of machine?  Please tell me it’s not a real finger.

outfits for rabbits — Most live rabbits disapprove of clothing, but your stuffed rabbit doesn’t usually mind it.  BratzBasher dresses her Hoppy in deals found at thrift stores and garage sales.  Of course, that’s a lot easier to do when your bunny is large enough to wear stuff originally made for infants and small toddlers.

places that grow mosquito —  On purpose?  I doubt they make much in export sales.

sewed bored — That might go some ways toward explaining the finger sewing previously mentioned.  Remember:  Friends don’t let friends sew bored.

happy milk — Comes from happy cows.

heaven library toilet — Okay, I’ve thought about this for a while now, and I think it’s starting to make sense.  Can you honestly imagine a heaven without a library?  Or a toilet?  I’m convinced Hell has no books and no bathrooms — or at least no toilet paper.

Monday Search Term Madness – 8

Some of these are funnier than others.

funny pictures of people with mosquito r — Mosquito what?  Relay races?  Rehab center?  Rodeo?  Robot?  Help me out here.

xy lo phone — I think this is the typewritten equivalent of “Read my lips.”

i dont like mosquito — But he loves you!

good use of toilet paper — Need you ask?  Really?

stop mosquitos — Support your local frog.  Or bat.  Or dragonfly.  You know what I mean.

evil muppets — For shame!  Muppets aren’t the least bit evil.  Ventriloquist dummies, on the other hand….

got your milk — Huh.  Last I knew it was in the fridge.

mosquitoe loves money — Ooooookay.  I got nothin’.

mosquito repeller diagram — This sounds like a visual aid for one of those lectures you’ll most likely sleep through in biology class.

fun things to do with toilet paper — Make a bridal/prom gown?  Decorate your neighbor’s home/yippylittledogs just before it rains?  Make a mummy?  Hide it all in your stall and tell the lady next to you that you “haven’t a square to spare!”

Monday Search Term Madness-7

You know, toilet paper has quickly become the number two search term for visitors to my blog.  (Sorry, that pun wasn’t originally intended, but I’m inclined to leave it there.)  Three is fuji apples.  Of course, xylophone is still number one, and it does make a cameo appearance in this edition of MSTM.

a funny thing to utter to the teacher on — I know there’s a joke in here somewhere.  Anyone?

paper toilet — This just doesn’t seem at all practical.

evil tylenol — Bite your tongue!  I love my Tylenol.  Well, actually, I get the generic, but it’s the same thing.

no name toilet paper — Is it generic, or is the label missing?  Dude, the label is part of the wrapping.  You know what they say about purchasing products when the seal has been tampered with.

toilet paper pictures — I’ve heard of toilet paper wedding dresses, but not art.

nancy drew eating — Have you ever noticed that there’s always at least one description of a meal in each ND book?  I find them interesting, but not as much as the descriptions of her clothing.

fuyi apple — I’m sure they meant “fuji”, but seeing it spelled like this makes me think “phooey!”

ttoilet poper — You make something up.  I’m still giggling.

xylophone… — Yes?  Was there something more you’d like to add?

antarctica idiots — I know at least one, but that’s not her real name.

mosquito pictures for kids — You know, as opposed to the naughty ones meant for adult eyes only.

picture of am fuji apple — Is there really a difference between morning apples and evening apples?  Does the designation depend on when you eat it, when it’s picked, or what?

toilet paper on counter — I think this warrants a video response…Okay, this link is no longer good, but there was a video clip from “Mad About You” here that showed the wife complaining, without using any words at all, about her husband not putting a new roll on the toilet paper holder.

Monday Search Terms Madness-6

mosquitoes loves me — You poor thing.

chocolate cage around cake — That will not stop me.

shes driving me nuts — How did the nut merchant describe the thief who drove off with his cart?

good audio books for people who are boreHow to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman.  I don’t know if it’s any good, but if you’re a bore looking to improve yourself, that seems as good a place to start as any.

stuff to make for a bored bunny — Oh, wow!  How thoughtful!  Let me see…baked goods are always a hit with me.  No blue frosting, though.  I also like getting mail, so a card would be nice.  What else…?

don’t waste toilet paper —  Perish the thought.  But if you find yourself running low, you might want to get in touch with this guy.  He’s connected.

cute illustration of xylophone — Yes, it is pretty darn cute.