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new words and other oddities

BratzBasher isn’t the best of spellers, and sometimes she winds up creating the most interesting new words.  Yesterday, while working on her science review packet, she inadvertently spelled “hippos” with two b’s: “hibbo”.  What does this new word mean?  Why, hippo hobo, of course!  We took a study break to make you an illustration.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of a tapworm.  I couldn’t be bothered to draw it today, but BB showed me what it should look like.

Also on my mind is this picture:

Is it just me, or does this dress look as if it’s made of fruit leather?

That’s it.  Talk amongst yourselves now.  I’ll give you a topic: Fruit leather is neither fruit nor leather.  Discuss.

The perfect picture package!

No, there aren’t any pictures in this post because I sent the photo packet back to the school without buying any.  They were crazy.  Seriously.  For this year’s spring pictures, they had BratzBasher posed slightly bent forward with her arms crossed.  Then they photoshopped her into various landscapes.  Let’s see…there was a meadow, a lake, a forest in autumn, a garden, and…my personal favorite: in front of an old shack.  I think it was supposed to be rustic looking, but with BB in her leather jacket (which she refused to remove for the photographer) in the foreground, it looked more like the shack where she takes her victims to be butchered.  We had a good laugh over that.

BB wanted to copy that last photo and add in a butcher knife or chainsaw, but I told her that would be illegal since we weren’t paying for any of those ridiculous pictures.  Oh, and there were these two photos that looked like bumper stickers (sadly, they were not) that had BB on one end and her name in huge, cursive letters.  What were those photos for?  Have you ever seen anything like that before?  I certainly haven’t.  At least this year they didn’t try to sell us rulers or door hangers with her photo on them.  No, really.  Door hangers.  Like those “do not disturb” signs?  They did have a to-do list, though.  It said, “things to do BRATZBASHER” at the top.

In the car on the way home from school yesterday, BB was telling me that the math teacher was poking fun at all the photos as she passed them out.  I thought, “That’s a bit mean.”  Then I saw BB’s photos and understood what was so hilarious.

Monday Photoshopping Madness! (because I lost my search term list)

This one just came to me when I realized the bunny looked like the French Taunter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  (Rollover for dialogue.)

Spidey and the Stewardess of Gondor

This morning, while waiting for the bus, BratzBasher and I were playing with an old Spiderman action figure that she’d found behind the couch.  I made one of those sudden discoveries of the obvious: If you turn Spidey’s web-shooting hand around, it looks like “I love you” in sign language.

BratzBasher thought that seemed rather girly, so she insisted on reposing the entire figure to reflect Spidey’s newly discovered feminine side.

Later this afternoon, BratzBasher and I were having one of those conversations that inevitably deteriorates into silliness.  I was reminding her of the scene in Aladdin when the Genie does his stewardess impression, and BB suddenly shouted out, “Stewardess of Gondor!”  I couldn’t let that one go.  Here, photoshopped for your viewing pleasure, is our version of the Stewardess of Gondor.