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So this is what she does in her spare time.

I found a copy of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan” and played it for BratzBasher.  Being a connoisseur of various fandoms, she immediately thought of Loki from the Avengers movie.  A couple of days later, I caught her putting the following video together and decided I had to share it with y’all.

Please let us know what you think of it.  She just loves feedback.

Thank you for that valuable ft information.?

You won’t get the title if you don’t read the entire post.  I recommend reading it aloud for maximum enjoyment.  Without further ado, here is what I found in my spam queue:

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You’re welcome.

Too Quiet

BratzBasher has been at 5th grade camp for a couple of days now.  We dropped her off Sunday afternoon.  When I’m not managing to not think about it, I’m worrying that she’s too cold because we didn’t pack enough sweaters for her.  Is she brushing her hair every day?  It’s so thick that if she doesn’t brush it regularly, it gets hopelessly tangled.  I’m fairly certain she’s not brushing her teeth.

It’s too quiet here.  I don’t really notice it during regular school hours.  In the evenings, however, I can hear the clock ticking in my all too quiet house, and it seems abnormally loud.  Maybe I should put on some music.

Speaking of music, BB’s class has been learning the cheesiest tree hugger songs for camp.  One of them is about an eagle.  I believe the chorus goes

In a land without a friend,

will there be an empty sky

where the eagle used to fly

in the wind?

(and then a little later)

He was free

when they let him be.

There’s also a song about the evil coal company that tortured the trees and stripped the land, yadayadayada.  Merkin suggested she ask when they were going to learn the song about all the babies the coal kept warm that winter.  I can totally picture her doing that.  Don’t get me wrong — protecting the earth is important.  I just don’t like it when things get blown out of proportion.  Plus, the cheesy songs are annoying.  I keep thinking of that song Lesbian Seagull from  Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Gotta love Youtube.  They have everything.  Except the Church Lady Aerobics skit.  “Now up to heaven and down to hell and up to heaven and down to hell….”  I looked for that one because I had exercise group yesterday morning.  I’ve been telling myself that 30 minutes is plenty of workout for me, despite the fact that everyone else is there for an hour.  They’ve been attending a lot longer than I have and are in better shape.  I’m rather sore today.