I’m thankful for…books!

reading is magicalYeah, I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving, but writing this post took longer than I thought it would. My inspiration came from my wardrobe. I didn’t have any Thanksgiving themed shirts when I was choosing what to wear yesterday, so I picked out my “Reading is Magical” t-shirt because Hey! I am thankful for books. Why not extend my love of reading to this post? In a previous year, I listed Foo4luv’s Illustrated Thanksgiving ABC’s, so this year I am giving you an alphabetical list related to books.



A is for Aslan

AslanI love C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series. I can remember my dad reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to us when I was a kid. Aslan rocks.

B is for (the) Bard

The BardI enjoy a good Shakespeare play. Once we moved to Missouri and encountered Forest Park’s annual Shakespeare Festival, we were hooked on seeing them performed live. BB has seen over a dozen of them and loves watching different versions/interpretations. Her current favorite is also one of mine: Much Ado about Nothing. She can’t choose between the Kenneth Branagh version or the more recent one done by Joss Whedon. I can’t say that I blame her. My first exposure to Shakespeare, however, was through books.

C is for (The) Count of Monte Cristo

Count of Monte CristoThat is one meaty, kickbutt book — unabridged or not.

D is for Denouement

denouementThere is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you finish a really good book.

E is for Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan PoeThe man was a master. I’m currently leaning toward The Cask of Amontillado as my favorite.

F is for Fairy tale

Scott Gustafson fairy taleFor most of us, the first stories we heard were fairy tales. There’s something for everyone — whether you prefer Disney, Grimm, or something more modern like The Princess Bride. (The illustration is by Scott Gustafson.)

G is for Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

This is the first book that BB read to us. Merkin had purchased a Latin copy, and BB had to get the English version and correct him. Yep. Worked like a charm.

H is for Humor

Hidden Magic

I have a deep admiration for writers who can make me laugh. You should always have at least one standby book guaranteed to make you chuckle when you need cheering up.

I is for Irony

ironyA good, ironic plot twist can be exciting.

J is for Jane Eyre

jane-eyreThis is one of my favorite books. I just adore Jane and how she handles Mr. Rochester.

K is for Kira

KiraThough not my favorite character in Tsugumi Ohba’s Death Note series, Kira (AKA Light Yagami) is the one I find most interesting. Given the power to kill simply by writing a person’s name in the death note, Kira believes his motives are pure enough to keep him from becoming corrupted by that power.

L is for L

LA brilliant, socially awkward sugar addict with chronic bad posture, L is the biggest threat to Kira’s reign of terror. Despite his puzzling habits and his tendency to be blunt to the point of rudeness, he is the most likable character in the Death Note series.

M is for Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak

Sendak is one of my favorite illustrators. The above picture is from his book What Do You Say, Dear?: a book of manners for all occasions.

N is for Nom de Plume

Mark TwainSamuel L. Clemens’ pen name, Mark Twain, is a term used by riverboat crewmen to denote whether or not water is deep enough for safe passage.

O is for Oscar’s Book

Oscar's_BookThis is one of my favorite Little Golden Books. Oscar spends the entire book trying to find ways to get people to leave him alone. My favorite of his many tactics is pictured above.

P is for Percy Jackson

Percy JacksonPercy makes a very entertaining hero. He’s witty and genuine.

Q is for Quiet Books

quiet bookThey’re great for keeping kids occupied in the more adult oriented church meetings, and you can find/make all kinds.

R is for (A) Room with a View

Room with a ViewThis is one of my favorite romance novels. Will Lucy marry the proper (stuffy) Cecil, or will she defy convention and choose George?

S is for Satire

Screwtape lettersSatire can be a great teacher.

T is for (J.R.R.) Tolkein

jrr-tolkienHe’s the creator of Middle Earth. What more need I say?

U is for Umpteen

what was I scared ofWhich is the number of times I read this book to my daughter. Surprisingly, it never lost its charm. Go Seuss.

V is for Vocabulary

vocabularyYou’d be surprised how many new words you can learn just by reading a lot of books.

W is for Watership Down

watership-downMy absolute favorite book — and not just because it’s about bunnies.

X is for Xylophone

x is for xylophoneEven Uncle Shelby (Shel Silverstein) couldn’t come up with anything else.

Y is for YA books

YA sectionI get a lot of my books from the teen section of the library. In fact, on my Goodreads account, my YA shelf is far bigger than any of my other shelves.

Z is for Zoo

Good Night GorillaThere are lots of books that involve zoos. This picture book just happens to be my favorite. There are very few words, but the pictures that tell the actual story are fantastic.


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