More Christmas Crafts

It’s another crafty Christmas for me this year.  Here’s a felt pig ornament I put together for an advent calendar exchange that our library craft group will actually be doing next year:


I’m particularly pleased with the pipe cleaner tail.  I know, I know — what do pigs have to do with Christmas?  Well, I was challenged by the group’s leader to do a pig, so there.  I think it’s cute.

I teach the 11-to 12-year-old girls’ Sunday School class, and I have five wonderful girls in it.  I’ve made them all faith-hope-charity necklaces for Christmas.  Rather than do the traditional cross-anchor-heart design, I chose symbols based on Mormon’s words in Moroni 7 (in The Book of Mormon):

  • an angel for faith: “Wherefore, by the ministering of angels…men began to exercise faith in Christ….” (It’s interesting that I chose the green bead angels because I’ve read that emeralds can symbolize faith as well.)
  • a bird for hope: “…ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection….” (The bird represents spring, the season in which we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.)
  • a heart (of course) for charity: “…charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever….”

Here’s the finished necklace:


I’m including the relevant verses from Moroni 7 with each necklace.  There’s also a little tag by the clasp that says, “made with love”.  I think they turned out really well, but using head pins to turn the angel beads into charms was an exercise in patience.  I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.  Then when I went to redo them later, I couldn’t find my package of head pins, so I used sewing pins.  That actually worked even better.  They were exactly the right size.  Go figure.

And finally, here’s a bookmark (about 4 inches long) that I made with a miniature, blue angel bead charm:


I’ve read that sapphires are a symbol of heaven and one’s devotion to God.  Interesting, huh?



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