Gah! Bubblegum!

So I had to get some work done at the dentist today.  The numbing gel had a really strong scent, but I couldn’t quite place it.  It was very strong, though, and tasted vile.  When I told them it tasted gross, the dentist said, “Yeah, that bubblegum flavor is pretty strong.”  My response?  “Gah!  Bubblegum?!  I hate bubblegum!”  I didn’t recognize it because it’s been ages since I’ve had the stuff.  Also, as an adult, I was not expecting bubblegum-flavored anything at the dentist’s office.  That’s for kids, isn’t it?  Anyway…they’re putting a note in my file: “hates bubblegum”.  Thank you.

Now I have to wait for the novacaine to wear off before I can eat something that tastes good.  Sigh.

So what’s the last flavor you’d ever want the dentist to put in your mouth?  Bubblegum?  Cherry?  Orange?  Piña Colada?  (Seriously, I was told that last one is an option.)


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