Jeans aprons, as promised.

I have photos of two of the three aprons I made recently for a favorite things party.  We were to bring three of a favorite thing (purchased or homemade) with an approximate $10 value.  We wrote our names on three separate pieces of paper and placed them into a bowl.  Near the end of the party, we each took turns picking three names out of the bowl (checking to make sure we didn’t wind up with our own name or duplicates), and those women got the items we brought with us — after we explained why the items were our favorite.

I came home with a handheld (It had a strap so I could wear it on my hand.) canister of pepper spray, a homemade bar of lotion (similar to those you can purchase through Lush), and a bag that contained body scrub, cherry Twizzlers, and a bottle of Coke.  During the party, we munched on appetizers and traded ideas for favorite activities, date night ideas, local restaurants, etc.

My aprons were actually a representation of a favorite thing that I couldn’t package and gift away: the craft group I attend at the library.  The aprons were a project that I learned at that group.  I confess that the jeans for the two aprons pictured here came from Goodwill.  Normally I would balk at cutting up a perfectly good pair of jeans, but I couldn’t resist the bright colors.  The Christmas apron looks black, and I haven’t the means to fix that, so you’ll have to trust me when I say it’s actually a Christmas-y green color.


(The ribbon bows were sewn on by hand so that the usefulness of the pockets wouldn’t be compromised.)

Christmas apron

(I machine-stitched the patches, but they didn’t overlap across the pockets too much.  My favorite part is the row of miniature cookie cutters along the middle section.)

The third apron was made from a pair of ecru jeans.  I added a ruffle of polka dot fabric in shades of brown and a striped brown ribbon across the pockets and where the ruffle met the denim.  I had to replace the belt loops with the ribbon because the originals were poorly placed for my purposes.  (I did the same thing with the Christmas apron.)  If I ever get a picture of it, I’ll include it in another post — or maybe update this one.  It’s not as exciting as these two, but I think it turned out pretty cute.


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