Band Camp: Week 1

I had originally planned to post pics of three aprons I recently made for a “favorite things” party, but I forgot to take the pictures before I gave away the aprons.  I am currently soliciting pics from the new owners of said aprons.  Yeah, I’m like that.  In the meantime, please enjoy my anticipated anxiety about the upcoming marching band season!

BratzBasher started Band Camp this week.  She went from a 12pm wake-up to a 5:30am wake-up.  I think she’s finally adjusting, though.  Next week will be half days.  That’ll leave plenty of time for her to finish her summer reading before school starts.  That doesn’t mean she will finish, but she’ll have the time to do so.

The good news: BB is now the senior tuba/sousaphone player in the band.

The bad news: There’s only one other tuba player, and he’s a freshman.  BB’s showing him the ropes, though, and rolling her eyes every time I quote Spiderman at her.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

The biggest obstacle this week has been getting BB to eat breakfast.  Like me, she sometimes has trouble eating early in the morning.  Fortunately, her tummy likes Toaster Scramblers.  They’re better for her than Pop Tarts or cold cereal.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to camp with BB so that I could help with uniform fittings.  We needed to make certain that returning band members still fit into last year’s assigned uniform pieces, including pants, jacket, shako (hat), dinkles (shoes), and gloves.  Some had grown and had to be assigned new pieces.  One girl actually went down a size.  We didn’t have enough jackets in her size last year, so she had to take the next size up.  This year, she had better luck.  Seniors get fitted first (getting first pick of available uniforms), then Juniors, and then Sophomores.

Freshmen get whatever’s left over.  That makes for a lot of hemming (both raising and lowering).  For one girl, we have to turn what was normally a regular-length pant into a short-length pant.  Of course, next year, we may need those pants to be regular-length again.  They are also two sizes too big.  They’re quite baggy on her, but what can you do?  Not much.  I’ve got them hanging up in the front room right now, awaiting my needle and thread.  I need to finish them today so I can drop them off when I pick up BB this afternoon.

BB’s favorite moment of Band Camp so far (from what I can tell): having the newbie face his sousaphone towards the wind for the first time.  It was something BB learned about last year.  To hear her tell it, the wind nearly knocked her over her first day of camp.  I think she’s enjoying being the experienced one, but I can tell she misses her old section buddies and their goofy ways.  I keep reminding her: “He’ll catch on.”  And then they’ll really have fun.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to help out while looking as inconspicuous as possible.  I don’t want anyone getting any ideas that I can take on a leadership position in band boosters at any point in the future.  That’s really my greatest fear — trumping my fear of spider crickets (aka camel crickets).

Be glad I didn't choose 400 x 300.


Actually, the worst thing I can imagine is a giant spider cricket telling me that I’ve been elected President of the Band Boosters.  I think I would die of a heart attack.


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