The “Benevolent” Yule Goat

(an informative post brought to you by BratzBasher)

The making of the communal Yule Goat is a popular Danish tradition.  A ginormous goat is constructed out of straw and rope in the middle of the town square.  Then all of the children offer up carrots and vegetables (and all those things that they normally don’t eat) to the goat, in hopes of a good year to come.  In addition to the giant, straw goat, families make little goats to put on their Christmas trees.  On Christmas Eve, they set out their wooden shoes, filled with straw for the goat to eat.  Then, on Christmas day, their wooden shoes are filled with candy and sweets.  A parent, or other relative, will dress up as a goat and go around terrifying the small children.  The children are supposed to give the goat candy to appease its rage and to make it go away.  Kind of the opposite of Santa.

I made an adorable, little Christmas goat out of red yarn and whatever this stuff is that my mom gave me to use.  It looks like straw, but it isn’t.  [note from Foo4luv: It’s raffia.]  The horns are posable, and it has this curious expression on its face — as if it’s going, “Ooh!  What’s that?  Is that for me?”

Herr Ziege

We have dubbed him “Herr Ziege”.  That’s German for “Mr. Goat”.


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