Origami Nativity

Our ward had a lovely Christmas program/mixer, complete with homemade nativity sets made by the attending families.  I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera so I could show you all of the creative ideas, but you’ll have to settle for these pictures I took of our nativity when we got home.   The origami was BratzBasher’s idea.

100_0164Here’s an overall view.  Ignore my cluttered table, please.

100_0165A closer view of the stable, shepherd, animals, and angel.

100_0166Look at those wise men on the camels — they’re actually samurai!  (I couldn’t find a pattern for wise men, and these guys fit on the camels.)

For those of you interested in where I got the patterns…(Unfortunately, I can’t just give you links.  If it’s YouTube, it’ll show up here as a full video.  Oh well.)

  • modular 5-pointed star
  • angel
  • stable
  • Mary   If you watch this on the YouTube site, it’ll have the links for Joseph and Baby Jesus on the side, or you can click on the link to danbergam’s page and look for them there.  I used the same pattern for Joseph and the shepherd, but I gave the shepherd a crook.
  • donkey — This one’s a bit tricky, as there is only a drawn diagram.
  • sheep
  • samurai warrior — This one doesn’t even have a diagram, but it’s fairly simple.  It starts out a lot like a cootie catcher/fortune teller.  I altered it a bit by folding in the top corners of the arms, folding the head backwards to the other side, and cutting a slit on the bottom to divide the legs so they could ride the camels.

Sorry I can’t provide a link for the camels, but the page is gone.  There are other neat camel patterns, but I liked these the best.

I did cheat and use glue dots to keep some parts together so that they would stand better.  (The camels’ front legs kept splaying.)  I also used glue dots to mount the star on the stable and add strips of cardstock to make stands for the angel, Jesus, and Mary.




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