busy, busy

My dad and stepmom are coming for a visit next week, and I’m in a mild cleaning frenzy.  I actually tackled the worst room we have upstairs (aside from BB’s, that is): the computer/craft room.  It will be finished tomorrow, but the big victory came when I was finally able to close the craft closet doors for the first time in years.  Years, people.  This room hasn’t been properly cleaned since the last Harry Potter book came out.  I know because I made myself clean it before I would allow myself to read the book.  Also under the category of “good news”: I found my piggy pen!

piggy pen

Aside from the cleaning, I’m refurbishing a wedding dress for a friend.  She found it at Goodwill for an excellent price, and I volunteered to

  • re-secure beads
  • replace buttons
  • replace hook/eye closures
  • repair seams
  • add straps
  • raise the hem (she’s petite)
  • sew a matching shrug (minus the beads, of course — I’m not that crazy.)

I thought it would take me forever to do the beads, but it turned out that only a small fraction are loose — yay!  I should be done with that part in a couple of days.  I suppose I could do it in one, but that would require me to stop cleaning in the meantime.  Don’t worry.  I’ll post a pic when everything is done.

Did I mention I’ve caught a cold?  The darn high school football team is determined to stick to their no-loss strategy, and now they’re in the playoffs.  BB and the rest of the marching band had to play pep music and perform for the halftime show on Wednesday.  (Who schedules a high school football game on a school night?)  I bought BB some new long johns for the occasion, and they kept her toasty warm.  She recommends the Cuddl Duds at Walmart.  (No, that’s not a typo.  They really did leave off the “e”.)  I, on the other hand, caught a cold.  I’m hoping to beat it before the folks show up next week.  Wish me luck.  Oh, and did I mention that we get to do it all over again Monday night?  Yeah, another school night, another playoff game.  Sigh.  I’ll dress even warmer this time.



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One response to “busy, busy

  • madhousewife

    You remind me that I have some cleaning to do myself. Boo.

    I hope that your cold is better by now.

    It bothers me that they left the “e” off the cuddle. What’s the point? It just looks stupid.

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