At least it isn’t Latin class.

Yesterday, BratzBasher brought home a poem by William Ernest Henley that they read in English class.  It was entitled “Inviticus”.  No, that was not a typo.  At least not on my part.  That is how the title read.  Also, at the top of the page was a little blurb about the poem that also referred to it as “Inviticus” and informed the students that the word was Latin for “unconquerable”.  This is not the teacher’s handiwork.  The worksheet came from another source as part of this year’s curriculum.  For those of you not familiar with “Inviticus”, perhaps you’ve heard it by another name.



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2 responses to “At least it isn’t Latin class.

  • Jan

    I hate it when my kids bring things home that make me question whether their teachers know enough to be teaching anything. It reminds me of my favorite Simpson’s episode where LIsa (the smart one) hides the teacher’s answer key and the teacher can’t teach the class because she doesn’t know any of the answers. It gives teachers a bad name.But sometimes deserved.

  • merkin4

    I had an email from the Biology teacher just this week, describing how she would talk to the “building principle”. I’m also reminded of The Simpsons, where in an opening segment Bart is seen writing “I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty”.

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