Freshman Year — big deal?

BratzBasher is now a freshman.  I knew there would be a transition period for her, but I honestly didn’t expect it to take this long for her to get into the swing of things.  Luckily, her biology teacher says there’s plenty of time to get her grades up.  At least this year will finally teach her proper homework habits.  I hope.  Plus, there is marching band.  Luckily, the season ends somewhere in October, but she’s marching her butt off now.  This is also the year she’s taking the required P.E. class, and that class is directly before band.  She gets a double dose of physical activity.  It’s good for her, but it’s been an adjustment.  I never knew how time-consuming the marching band is:

  • after-school rehearsals almost every day
  • home football games
  • marching competitions
  • ay!

Add homework on top of all that, and the girl has no free time.  Hmm…maybe that’s a good thing.

But enough about her.  Let’s talk about how this affects ME.  I never knew how time-consuming having a kid in marching band could be:

  • Driving her to and from rehearsals
  • Going to band booster meetings (I’m a concerned parent, after all)
  • Helping with the donning and doffing of uniforms (which are worn over t-shirt and shorts — and the t-shirts have to be the specific band shirts for this year) — and, of course, you have to fabreeze them afterward because they’re wool and the school can’t afford to have them dry cleaned after every performance
  • And the distribution of the feathery plumes that go in the top of their “shakos” (that means hats for those of you not in the know), which is actually more work than it sounds.  There’s a system, folks.
  • Festivals are going to be an all-day thing, and there are lots of festivals.

I’m beginning to see why more parents just don’t bother showing up to support their kids.  They’d wind up getting recruited — not to mention the danger of possibly being shoved into a leadership position somewhere down the road, which is what happened to our current booster president.  I think her younger son is a freshman.  I hope he is.  Hey, I’m a “tell me what to do” type person — a delagatee, not a delagator.  And apparently the computer thinks I just made those two words up.  I did, but it doesn’t have to call me on it all the time, does it?

Anyway…back to the title of my post…I have a question for y’all: Was freshman year a big deal for you?


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