Jeans Apron

I love library programs — especially the crafty ones.  I recently attended an evening program during which we all made aprons out of old pairs of jeans.  Here’s mine:

jean apron

It’s really simple to make.

  1. Cut out the back of a pair of jeans or denim skirt.
  2. Cut a 4″-wide strip of fabric for the bottom.  Mine was approximately 22″ long, but yours may be longer or shorter depending on the width of your apron.  (I cut two strips and used one to back the first.)
  3. Sew fabric strip to bottom edge of apron.
  4. Sew bias tape all around the raw edges of the apron.
  5. Cut two more 4″-wide strips of fabric for the belt/ties.  I used the full width of the fabric, so my belt was approximately 44″ long.  The selvage on either end made it unnecessary to sew up the ends of the belt.  I just sewed the strips end to end and turned in the raw edges, but you can sew the raw edges right sides together and then turn it right side out.
  6. Add any decorations you want.

I got all my materials at JoAnn (though the fabric has been in my stash for a while now) — except for the jeans, of course.  They came from my stash of discarded clothing.  The daisies were originally fabric stickers, but I took the sticky parts off and added buttons.  The ric-rac came from the program director’s stash, but you can find it at any fabric store.

Merkin gets points for not laughing at the fact that I made an apron for myself when I don’t really cook.  Ever.

It was fun and only took maybe an hour to do — at most.  If you make one, I’d love to see a picture.



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