No more anchovy pizza before bed.*

I spent a couple of weeks in CA this month, but I’m back now.  I had a fun visit.  I got to see the house my dad is buying, attend a play, view some famous artwork at the Norton Simon Museum, and see friends and family.

My stepmom wanted to send one of their cats home with me.  Apparently, I spoiled him by letting him sleep with me.  When I was late coming home one night, he wouldn’t leave her and my dad alone.  Poor kitty.  All lonely.  But Merkin is allergic, and I really don’t want to take care of a cat.  They’re nice to visit, though.

I have to admit that I missed my own bed.  I think the mattress in Dad’s guest room is a bit sloped.

I had the luxury of non-stop flights both directions, and I managed to sleep most of the way.  I wonder if I should’ve apologized to the other passengers for snoring.

Shall I tell y’all about the weird dream I had this morning?  It’s one of my more bizarre nightmares…daymares…whatever you call the dream you dream just before you wake up in the morning.


In my dream, I discovered that Merkin was keeping food in a huge storage room.  There were aisles of shelves full of food, and I was pretty certain that it was all past the expiration date.  While I was exploring the room — which was really more of a small warehouse — I looked up and saw two lobsters on a top shelf.  They were sort of a cross between lobsters and praying mantises, and they were eating long, fat noodles.  You know, pasta.  No sauce, though.  I said to Merkin, “Do you know that there are lobsters up there eating noodles?” and he said, “Well, I should hope so.”

Anyway…I wandered around to the other side of that aisle and discovered that there was a tank for the lobsters.  There were only the two, but they could fly around and in and out of the tank.  It was huge, and it was connected to another larger tank.  The second tank had considerably more in it because a family (one that we know in real life) was living in it.  They were all in there in a little, underwater house.  There was some kind of weird creature that was chained up in their “front yard” like a dog.  I don’t really remember what it looked like, but I remember it was as tall as their house.

Then the two lobsters flew back into the first tank and proceeded to enter the second tank through a hole in the connecting wall.  They began fighting with the tall creature, and the family’s oldest son got too close and was killed.  It was quite awful.  I grabbed BratzBasher and ran for the safety of the house (which, of course, looked nothing like any house I’ve ever been in).

Once we got inside, the dream changed, and we encountered Thomas Jefferson and a few of the more obscure founding fathers (I never did find out who everyone was).  They were convinced that they were in France, and tried to speak to us in French.  They wanted our help in getting home, I think.  Meanwhile, the government had become convinced that they were spies.  (Really?  Don’t you recognize Thomas Jefferson?)  They had our house surrounded and were communicating with us through our computer.  I tried to explain what was going on — what I could understand of it — but the government wasn’t listening.  Then I woke up.

How’s that for crazy?

*That’s a figure of speech.  I don’t even like anchovy pizza, let alone eat it right before bedtime.


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