Well, it’s about time I updated.

We’ve all finished El Tour de Tucson.  BratzBasher and I did the indoor version (111 minutes) here on the 10th, and Merkin did the whopping 111 miles in Tucson.  He came back with loot and a mailbox injury.  He had to swerve off the road in order to avoid hitting another cyclist, and he snagged on a mailbox instead.  I think he feels worse about the damage to the sleeve of his favorite biking shirt (the one he got from the Lake Saint Louis Triathlon) than the cut on his arm.

In other news…

BB auditioned for and was selected to participate in Metro Band this year.  Two rehearsals and one warm-up before the concert, which was yesterday.  She had a great time.  She’s used to being the only tuba player, so when Merkin would say, “You know how when you get two or more tuba players together they start cracking jokes?” she didn’t actually know.  Well, now she does.  There were six tubas in the band.  One of the other kids was into anime/manga, too.  He brought his Death Note to show BB after the concert.  She was impressed, but she has not seen any shinigami, so I doubt the authenticity of the book.  (If you didn’t get that last part, don’t worry.  It’s not really that funny.)

Mostly I spent the weekend hauling BB to and from Metro Band and supervising the completion of overdue homework assignments.  Unfortunately, when BB doesn’t understand something, she tends not to do it rather than just ask for help.  Then we get phone calls.

Merkin’s back from AZ now, and I’ve put him to work fixing the turn signal on my car.  Hey, he asked me what I needed him to do.  I’ve actually been driving around without a right rear turn signal for pretty much the whole time he’s been gone.  Yeah, I know — a more self-sufficient woman would’ve gone ahead and fixed it herself.  Well, I’m not (at least for most car-related stuff), so I didn’t.

Now I’m off to do something semi-useful.



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