Boo-ks and the “hat of shame”

It occurs to me that I really should take a picture of the “hat of shame”, but I can’t be bothered to get out the camera and document it.  I’ll just describe it for you at a later point in this post.

BratzBasher and I both signed up for a teen event at our local library for Halloween.  It was a party that centered on a visit from three semi-local authors, and I was particularly excited about it because I read two of the authors: Heather Brewer and Antony John.  The third author was Fiona Paul, with whose work I am not familiar because her debut novel just came out.  It’s supposed to be really good, though.  It’s called Venom.  If I read it, I’ll let y’all know if it’s worth your time.

Anyway…we thought that this costumed affair would take place the evening before Halloween, which meant that we’d miss the ward trunk-or-treat (a shame), but BB would still get to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Unfortunately, I’d gotten my dates mixed up, and we showed up in costume on the wrong night.  Oops.  Luckily, BB’s costume isn’t embarrassing, and we did have another event we could attend at the church.  Unluckily, I was wearing what we’ve dubbed the “hat of shame” and looked pretty silly.  I went as a death note holder — inspired by the manga/anime series Death Note, and my costume consisted of a baseball cap with a fake apple suspended from a wire coming out of the top.  The apple had a bite out of it.  It was supposed to represent my invisible Shinigami that was following me around.  They love apples, you know.  Needless to say, nobody at the trunk-or-treat got it.  I didn’t expect them to.  I was slightly disappointed that nobody at the party got it, but then it wasn’t really an anime venue.

BB opted out of the party last night so that she could go trick-or-treating with friends, and I went to the party by myself with strict instructions to get “Auntie” Heather’s autograph on a page of sketches BB made that represented her artistic genius.  There were title frames for various comic strips she’s made, including “Batman vs. the Zombie Bratz”, “Everyone hates Hannibal” (the guy with the elephants — she did that one for social studies), “The Exploits of the Fan Girlz”, and “The Candyman’s Happy Place” (which showed a man holding a cleaver, standing in front of a sacrificial altar decorated with candy and a dead kid on the altar).  She also drew a purple cow and an image of herself in her soul reaper costume (a la Bleach).  Heather Brewer wrote on the bottom: “Dear Linda, You are a FANGtastic artist!  Love, Auntie Heather” and drew a fanged smileyface in black sharpie.

At first I felt a little silly being (most likely) the only adult at the party without a kid in tow — not counting the librarians or authors.  Once the authors showed up, however, I enjoyed myself.  Most of the kids come for Heather Brewer — she’s hugely popular, but Heather is good at sharing the spotlight and including any other authors present in the discussions.  She can twist just about any question to apply to anybody.  She made a great master of ceremonies.

There were drawings for prizes, and I won (Wow!  Me!  I never win anything!) a Vladimir Tod tote bag for BB to put all of her goodies in.  That reminds me — Heather Brewer always brings buttons with her fanged smileyface logo on them.  Each time she comes out with a new book, she’s got a new button.  I picked up an extra vampire slayer button for BB that I still need to give her.  I also got her a poster for Heather’s book Soulbound, which I need to finish reading before I can pass it on to the kid.  For myself, I got Heather’s and Antony’s autographs, and I got to chat with both authors.

Funny moments from the evening:

All the authors dressed up as Hogwarts students, but poor Antony John accidentally ordered the wrong size of robe and had to come as “Harry Potter after a growth spurt.”  He also promised to stay in character the whole evening and speak only in a British accent.  Did I mention he’s originally from England?

Each of the authors introduced themselves at the start and said what their books were about.  Heather Brewer was “Stephanie Meyer, and I write books about sparkly, glittery rainbow boys.”  Antony John was “J.K. Rowling, the most famous, wealthiest author ever.”  Fiona Paul had not quite gotten the hang of the silliness and pretended to be Antony John and gave a wonderful review of his latest book.  Don’t worry, Fiona.  You will learn.

Each author was asked what scared them the most.

Fiona: sharks

Antony: “Anything that comes after my three-year-old son waking me up at five in the morning and saying, ‘Dad, you’ll never guess…”, and it usually involves the oven.”

Heather: clowns — not intentionally scary clowns, but regular ones.

All three combined: a shark wearing a clown wig and hiding in the oven

In the end, BB and I both had a great Halloween, though BB ended up with more candy.  At least there were cookies at the party.


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3 responses to “Boo-ks and the “hat of shame”

  • Fiona Paul

    Hah. I have wicked stage fright so I feel like my IQ drops 50 points when you put a mic in front of me 🙂 I told Antony “OMG the only uber-famous author who came to mind when you guys were doing that was one that was NOT TEEN APPROPRIATE so I panicked.” You’re a grown up–you know who I mean 🙂 Antony was apparently trying to telepathically yell “Suzanne Collins!!” but nope, I didn’t get it.

    So glad you had fun! And no worries, my support team included multiple adults in costume 🙂

    • foo4luv

      My daughter is laughing at me now because I just yelled out, “Fiona Paul commented on my blog!” Very cool. And you did great. Please say you’re coming back for another go when your next book comes out.

  • madhousewife

    Sounds like a fun time! I’m jealous.

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