That’s my man!

Merkin calls it insanity, but I think triathlons have been really good for him.  He started with the indoor ones they hold at our local gym.  Then he signed up for our city’s triathlon in June.  Today, he completed the short course for another local triathlon.  He’s especially proud of the fact that he didn’t finish last — in any category.

Merkin told me I didn’t need to come cheer him on today, but I wanted to.  For his first outdoor triathlon, I agreed to come at the end, and I totally missed his crossing the finish line.  He had to reenact it for my camera.  I was determined to be more supportive this year.  I parked myself at the finish line, so I didn’t see him do the swim portion; however, I have pics of him starting and finishing the bike course, starting the running course, and crossing the finish line.  No, you don’t get to see them here.  I promised I wouldn’t post any.

I brought things to keep myself entertained while Merkin was out of sight, but I didn’t do more than one small crossword and start a letter to my grandma.  It was actually really interesting.  They had an announcer there that was giving background information on some of the athletes.  There were four athletes in the race that have been competing in it every year for the past 30 years.  There was also a family doing the race relay-style.  The son was born with a neurological disorder, and the family decided to take him along on the course.  Grandma pulled him in a raft during the swim portion, Dad pulled him in a trailer behind his bike, and Mom pushed him in a stroller for the run.  Pretty cool.  The announcer also did interviews with a few spectators.  He tried to locate relatives/friends of the four athletes who’ve done the race 30 times, and he managed to find the daughter of one.  She said there were a few others in their family that were racing with her dad, too.

Anyway…I’m proud of Merkin for doing these triathlons, and I’m glad he’s enjoying his “insanity”.  (He even got a participation medal that we can put on the trophy shelf.)

And another good thing: the t-shirt they gave him for this one actually fits him.  It’s a cool shirt.  He’s planning on wearing it when he does the Tour de Tucson with his brother and nephews this fall.


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3 responses to “That’s my man!

  • bythelbs

    That is impressive! Something I never in a million years want to do, which just makes it all the more impressive to me!

    • foo4luv

      I’m not a strong enough swimmer to ever do that portion, but I suppose training would get me to the point where I could run/walk without falling over. I think I could do the bike portion on a stationary eventually. Of course, Merkin says if we told him two years ago that he’d be completing triathlons, he would’ve called us crazy.

  • madhousewife

    I am really proud of him too! Tell him I am doing my triathlons vicariously through him, so keep up the good work. Congratulations, Merkin!

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