Just in time for Sunday!

Merkin was very sympathetic about my dress mishap.  He offered me a dress shopping trip, but I thought I’d never find anything I liked.  Fashion is usually so ugh these days.  Then I remembered a website I occasionally drool over: ModCloth.  I love vintage, but a lot of their stuff is pretty pricey.  Still, I headed over that way to check out what they had, set the filter to show me lowest-priced items first, and started my search for a new dress.  Bingo!  I found two!  I can’t copy any pics for you, so I’ll just give you the links to here and here.  Aren’t they cute?

I ordered them Wednesday.  I never expected them to arrive the same week, but they showed up on my doorstep today.  I think I’ll wear the red one tomorrow.



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