Sewing lessons – part 2

My student came back this morning for her second sewing session.  We managed to finish the penguin, and it turned out great.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before she left.  I will just have to make one myself so that I can take a picture to show you.

We had some problems with her mom’s machine at first (something to do with the tension, I think), so we switched to mine and discovered two things:

  1. My machine is easier to thread.
  2. Her mother’s machine is more comfortable for her to use.  It has slower settings than mine does.  With mine, the pressure on the pedal determines how fast you go.  That can be difficult to get used to.  Plus, when I put the motor on minimum (in an attempt to help slow it down for her), it made a growling noise — like it was some kind of monster.  It was funny, actually.  Can you tell I never use the minimum setting?  My machine doesn’t like it, apparently.

It really was a fun project, and my student was so sweet.  She brought me buttons today to add to my collection.  She said they were hers, but she didn’t have a use for them.  Maybe if we do more projects she’ll change her mind about that.  I invited her to come back anytime.

Considering that the penguin was made from scraps and my button and felt grab bags, the only cost to me was the few dollars I spent on the sewing kit that was on clearance at JoAnn.  I think every girl should have a sewing kit.  It was sort of a graduation present.  She did a good job.  Now her younger siblings will want one.  I’m in the process of writing up the instructions and illustrating them.  Perhaps I’ll document my making of a penguin in order to have pictures to go with each step, rather than drawing them.  That way I can post everything here on my blog.


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