Sewing lessons

At the ward service auction in May, I offered sewing lessons.  The winner of the bid actually wanted them for her daughter, so today I found myself teaching an 11-year-old how to use her mother’s sewing machine.  It was really fun.

First, we picked a project.  I offered up suggestions: pajamas, skirt, pillow, stuffed animal….  She said that the stuffed animal sounded like it might be too complicated, but I told her it would be more two-dimensional — like a pillow, but smaller.  She liked the sound of that, so I asked her what animals she liked.  She said, “I really like penguins.”  So we are making a stuffed penguin.  I drew up a pattern on my graph paper.  It’s going to be so cute.

We picked out fabric: navy blue cotton for the body and wings, white flannel for the tummy, and sky blue felt for the beak and feet.  She opted for pink, heart-shaped buttons for the eyes, so it will look like he’s in love.

While my student cut out the pattern pieces.I monkeyed around with her mom’s machine so that I could teach her how to use it.  Good thing she brought the manual with her.  I would have been lost without it.  The hardest part was threading the machine.  That’s one area where my machine has the others beat.  It’s super simple to thread — especially the bobbin.

The next thing we did was practice threading the machine, sewing a straight line, and sewing a curved line.  The curved line was the most difficult part of today’s lesson, but the penguin has curves.  Can’t really skip over that part.  She did great.  Got it on the third try — and the fourth for good measure.

The only part of the penguin that we got to today was sewing on the tummy.  She did a fabulous job.  I’d show it to you, but I can’t find my camera.  I’ll take a picture of the finished project later.  Meanwhile, I need to write out the instructions for the penguin.  I’m letting my student keep the pattern, and I want her to be able to make another one if she feels like it.

And she brought me lemon bars.  Isn’t that sweet?


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