Guess who I met?

Our library has great meet-the-author events.  They always seem to get authors who are good public speakers.  Last night, I attended one for Karin Slaughter.  I’ve not read any of her books yet, but I went to get an autograph for my sister, Mad.  I actually had a great time, though.  Karin was funny and informative.  She’s a big supporter of libraries and has spearheaded (is that the word I want?) the Save the Libraries foundation.  She’s also big into crime and forensics.  She thoroughly researches before writing her books so that she can make them as real as possible.

I had two favorite moments from the event:

  • Karin talked about what inspired her to become a writer and mentioned that her dad loved to tell stories.  Being the father of three girls, he usually wove a moral or two into those stories.  “Such as the one where a little girl leaves the fridge door open…and she dies.  Or the one where a girl doesn’t clean her room…and she dies.”
  • During Q&A, one elderly woman said, “You seem as though these characters are real to you.”  Karin replied, “You’re looking at me like that’s not a good thing.  I assure you that, while the characters become real to me in a sense, I do know they’re not real.  Don’t worry.”  After that, whenever Karin mentioned that she loved/hated a character, she’d look back at that woman and say, “But I know he/she isn’t real.”

It was a fun evening, and I’ll get that book to you ASAP, Mad, so you can start reading.

You know, it’s kind of funny.  This is the third author I’ve met before actually reading their books.  So far, I’ve found that authors I like as people write books that I enjoy.  We’ll see if this holds true for Karin Slaughter’s books.


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