Another awesome dream:

BratzBasher thinks this dream is silly, but I disagree.  Read and tell me what you think.

I’m shopping with a friend of mine at a gas station (Hey, it’s a dream, right?), and I’m not even sure why we’re there because my friend doesn’t drive and wouldn’t need gas.  Then I realize that the convenience store at the gas station is a dollar store.  Okay.  Anyway, while my friend drops down $60+ for whatever, she asks me to grab the receipt.  Good thing I did because…

I notice that there’s this group of people all wearing matching, black jackets, and they look really familiar — the people, not the jackets.  It’s the entire cast of CHiPs (minus the mechanic — you know, that short guy?)  Anyway…I think, “Yay!  I’ll use this receipt to get everyone’s autograph!”  Apparently, it’s the only paper I have on me.  So I start following them out of the store when I realize they’re all carrying rifles.  They set themselves up in the backs of jeeps/pickup trucks/whatever and start setting off fireworks and then shooting the fireworks as they explode in the air.  Don’t ask me how that works.  That’s when I realize it’s the 4th of July.  Did I mention this is at night?  Of course it is.

Well, I’m determined to get those autographs, despite all the gunfire, but suddenly there is a woman from church who tells me we can’t stay because it’s too dangerous.  This is actually really funny because this particular person would have had her own receipt and pen at the ready, too.  But in the dream, she is more concerned for my safety.  I don’t listen to her.  Instead, I get a little closer to one of the trucks, which turns into more of a cross between a convertible and a parade float.  J.K. Rowling is in the vehicle (not toting a rifle, but looking rather bored, actually) along with a magician that I’ve never heard of.  I get her autograph, and then his (just to be polite, really).  He tells me he’ll be happy to autograph my sticker.  I say I don’t have a sticker, but he “magically” produces one out of his pocket and signs that for me.  That’s kind of lame, but I play along.  Oooh!  Clever!

Anyway…next thing I know, we’re not out in the parking lot shooting off fireworks.  We’re back in the store, and all the CHiPs police officers are gathered around me.  That’s when I realize that there’s a table right next to me with CHiPs puzzles.  There’s one of John, one of Ponch, and …well, that’s it.  But I’m thinking.  Here are these great puzzles I can get autographed, and they’re only a dollar!  Cool deal, right?  So I get all their autographs, but I have to identify each character or they won’t sign anything.  I don’t blame them, really.  That’s when my friend (the one who spent $60 and then disappeared?) shows up again and offers to take my picture with everyone with her phone.  Mine doesn’t take pictures, and I’d been a little bummed out about that.  I woke up shortly after taking a picture with Grossman, who had lost a ton of weight since the show (I know he wasn’t hugely overweight, but this was a dream, remember?) and was barely recognizable.  He was really disappointed that he wasn’t on any of the puzzles.  I agreed that was lame.  They should at least have had one with everyone on it, right?

So what do you think?  Did I have an awesome dream, or should I stop eating anchovy ice cream at three in the morning?


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