Finally! A project just for me!

We recently had a visit from the in-laws.  I’ve decided to take advantage of the clean house — namely the clean dining room table — to start a sewing project just for moi.  I’m making myself a new dress.  I originally thought I’d do something knee-length, but when I draped the material on Her Ladyship (my dressmaker’s dummy), I just loved all that fabric.  Here’s what I’m working with:

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I actually saw a dress made out of this same fabric when I was visiting my Dad in CA.  A lady at church was wearing it.  I had to ask her if she’d made it herself, or if someone had done it for her.  She was a bit embarrassed that I knew, but I assured her it was only because I had purchased the same fabric for myself.  She did a fabulous job on her dress.  Totally looked like it came from a department store.  Hopefully, mine will be just as beautiful.  I’m excited.  I can’t remember the last time I had a new dress.  I think BratzBasher was still in her princess phase.

Anyway…I’ll post a pic when the dress is finished so that you can all “ooh” and “aah” over it.  That’s not vanity.  It’s a public service.  Just kidding.

Meanwhile, BB has entered a bit of a snotty phase.  I know, I know…get used to it.  Well, I’m working on not having to be used to it, if you know what I mean.  I’m the parent.  I don’t have to take cr** from the very child I brought into this world.  I deserve some respect, by golly.  I don’t expect that to happen right away, though.  BB’s a teenager now, and I have a feeling this phase will take a while.  So when did y’all’s teenagers start being teenagers?  Thirteen? Fourteen?  Eight?  The womb?  I’m just curious.

By the way…in case you were wondering if it was a good or a bad thing…the visit with Merkin’s parents was good.  They’re both diabetic, so Merkin altered our menu for them.  He actually made salad for dinner.  Salad!  BB opted for a chicken and spinach wrap, though.  She doesn’t do salad.  More for the rest of us.  I love salad.  My favorite is O’Charley’s California Chicken Salad.  Yummm.  That’s some good stuff.  And here I am talking about food.  I must need to eat something.  We have some cantaloupe in the fridge.  Mmm…cantaloupe.  Off to the kitchen with me.

Happy Fourth, everyone!


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