That’ll teach me to walk in those shoes.

The insurance adjuster came to look at the car today.  He said they’d probably total it.  Tell me something I don’t know.  Anyway…I’m still without a car.  I’ve been walking to BB’s school to pick her up so she doesn’t have to walk home by herself.  Plus, it’s good exercise for me.  Usually, I wear my good walking shoes.  They’re my pricey ones from New Balance, and they’re really comfortable.  I don’t always wear them because I like shoes I can put on quickly, and I hate having to mess with the laces.  I even have to double knot my walking shoes because the laces are those rounded ones that always come untied.  Double knotting works, though.  Anyway…today I forgot to change from my put-on-in-two-seconds shoes to my walking shoes before I walked to BB’s school, and now I think I’m getting a blister.  Ah well.

In other news…I had my first appointment with my new therapist today.  I think it went well.  I’m optimistic.  I feel really comfortable with her.  She’s one of those people that give off good vibes — if you know what I mean.  She may be able to get me out of jury duty, too.  Apparently, my mental problems may actually be good for something.  I’m supposed to report to (at?) the courthouse next Wednesday.  (Or is it Tuesday?  Oh, well — it’s on my calendar.)  But if the letter from my therapist works, I can skip it.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be sharing stuff like that, but then I think “Enh.  Whatever.”  It’s not like I’m giving a play by play account of everything.

Our impressive, new library is having a dinner for volunteers, and yours truly (+ guest) is invited.  I sent in my RSVP.  Merkin suggested I take BB.  She likes going to those things with me.  Not that Merkin minds it, but he encourages mommy/daughter time whenever possible.  Especially if it doesn’t involve homework.

Speaking of homework…BB’s Com Arts teacher emailed us today to tell us that she’s missing five of BB’s assignments.  FIVE!  Good gravy.  Merkin has threatened to leave BB home when he goes to the anime convention this weekend if she doesn’t get everything turned in by Friday.  She’s found four of them, but she’s missing the fifth.  She thinks it’s in her locker at school.  If not, she’d better get another copy of the worksheet and get it done, or she’ll be one sad kid.

Oh!  And BB’s signed up to do a story for the children’s concert at this year’s St Louis Storytelling Festival.  Anyone know any good stories?  The festival is in just a couple of weeks.  I think.  I need to look it up again.  We’re looking for something about 3-5 minutes long, I think.  BB does best with a basic story that she can embellish on without having to memorize anything specific.  She prefers comedy, but she’s done a good job with retellings of historical events like the miracle of the seagulls and the crickets.  Her version of Thor’s Wedding Day is still my favorite, though.


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