There and Back Again

I went to CA for a week — just got back a couple days ago.  It was Dad’s 65th birthday, and all five of us siblings flew down to visit.  It was a surprise for Dad.  He didn’t know any of us were coming.  There was, of course, a big party.  We got to meet some of Dad’s friends and eat a ton of food.  Please, do not offer me any fried zucchini, mozzarella, or chicken tenders…even cheesecake is off limits for a while.

I saw a few friends while I was out there.  It was fun catching up with everyone.  We don’t see each other often enough, though I do exchange frequent emails with one of them.

I also got to spend some alone time with Grandma.  She lives just two doors down from my dad.  She’s…88 (?) now, and we don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us.  It can be hard to carry on a conversation with her.  She’s rather hard of hearing, and her short term memory isn’t what it used to be.  We chatted about family, the weather, why we don’t like sports, how annoying it is that President Obama’s press conference interrupted The Price is Right, and hummingbirds.  She even told me the story of how she and Grandpa met.  She was roommates with his sister.  Grandpa came to visit one day.  After he left, Grandma turned to her roommate and said, “I’m going to marry that man if he’ll have me.”  I get the feeling that, as shy as Grandpa was, it was Grandma that pursued him.  I sometimes forget how bold she can be.  She’s so petite and mild.

I joined Dad on Grandma’s morning walk.  We walked pretty much single file.  Dad was in front, clearing the sidewalk of any debris.  There were a lot of sweetgum balls Wednesday morning because it had been seriously windy the night before.  Dad was kicking them out of the way as fast as he could before Grandma came along.  If he left any that happened to be within 3-5 inches of her walker, she’d stop and kick them aside.  I cleaned up the rear.  We must have been quite a sight.  In fact, I know we were because someone drove by when Dad was furiously kicking the balls off the path (it was almost completely covered with them), and the driver slowed down and was staring at Dad.  Honestly, wasn’t it obvious that he was clearing the way for the sweet, little lady with the walker?  It was fun, the weather was mild, and there was green everywhere.  Not bad for late February/early March.

There was some excitement on the last plane home.  Mid-flight, the steward called for any medical personnel to please come to the front of the plane.  Apparently, one of the passengers was having some sort of emergency.  Two women responded to the call, and I believe an oxygen tank was employed.  The paramedics were waiting at our gate when we arrived.  I hope everything turned out okay.  I’d hate to have a medical emergency on an airplane.  Merkin pointed out that it would be much worse to have one on a plane on which there were no doctors or nurses.

The best part about the week was playing games every day with the family.  We’re a family of game players.  Sad to say, Merkin is not so much a fan.  BratzBasher and I are usually stuck with two-player games.  Merkin does have a few favorites, though: Monopoly (big surprise, considering he’s a financial analyst), Scrabble, Blockus, Backgammon.  BB isn’t quite comfortable with Scrabble (not being the world’s best speller) and finds Monopoly with Merkin to be an exercise in futility.  Backgammon is only a two-person game, so that pretty much leaves Blockus — oh, and Rumis (forgot to mention that one).  BB gets tired of playing the same thing all the time, though.  Maybe the Carcassone game we got for Christmas will be something everyone likes.  I played it in CA, and it’s pretty fun.

What’s your favorite game?


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