I’m not old! I’m thirty-seven!

Ten points if you can tell me where today’s title came from.  Merkin, you’re not allowed to play.

Today is my thirty-seventh birthday.  I had to do the math last night because I can never remember how old I am.  Maybe I’m repressing the knowledge.  “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”  Shut up, knowledge.

Anyway…it’s been a pretty quiet day.  Merkin let me sleep in while he made BratzBasher’s lunch and took her to school.  Surprisingly, I didn’t sleep in very long.  I woke up around 9:00 and decided I was up for the day.  Amazing what a difference two hours will make.  If I had gotten up at 7:00, I’d probably have gone back to bed till 11:00. Instead, I went to Target and bought a bunch of t-shirts.  Hey, they were only $5, and I’m low on short-sleeved shirts that don’t have anything printed on them.  I find I prefer color to making a statement these days.  Maybe it’s my age showing.  Nah.

To be honest, I don’t feel old.  Unless I’ve been kneeling for a while and have to stand up.  Boy, then I really feel old.  It’s a good thing I’m not Catholic.

Merkin has the day off.  He went to the gym this morning for a workout and an interview.  They’re doing an article about local “elite athletes” for the city newsletter, and they decided to include him because of all the progress he’s made with the weight loss and exercising.  I think the indoor triathlons were what really decided the matter for them.  He told them he wouldn’t do it unless he wasn’t the only one in the article.  We joke about the “elite athlete” label here at home.  I’m sure Merkin had a hard time not rolling his eyes.  It should be fun to read what they have to say about him, though.

BB was in the mood for some Tom Jones yesterday.  She likes his rendition of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House”, but she also enjoys the cheesiness of “She’s a Lady”.  I played “It’s Not Unusual” for her for the first time.  She thought that was pretty ridiculous, too.  I’m glad she’s the kind of girl that appreciates a good…what do I call it?  Cheese indulgence?  She sometimes listens to Hall and Oates, too.  In fact, she was in charge of the iPod on the way to Girls Camp and was happy to discover that Hall and Oates was available.  (Or should that be “were”?  Oh well.)  I think there might have been a few complaints, but the driver was singing along.

Speaking of music, I need to find me some good birthday music to listen to today.  I just need to figure out what I’m in the mood for.  Maybe I’ll put on some Muse.  Or maybe I’ll indulge in a little cheese.  I haven’t quite decided yet.


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