Just admit that you’re wrong, and give me my money back.

I had another run-in with a naughty merchant.  (That sounds like a cheap paperback romance novel, doesn’t it?)  This time I ordered something online through Amazon.com.  Gotta love that Amazon guarantee because I’m using it this time.  The guy sent me a completely different, inferior brand than was advertised.  He’s trying to tell me it’s the same thing.  No, it’s not.  You showed me pictures of this brand.  You named this brand.  I got that brand.  Not cool.  I’m asking for details on sending them back for a refund.  I want all my ducks in a row.  I’m even sending the package with the added “confirmation of delivery” option.  I’ll be out the shipping, but it’s the principle of the thing, I tell you.  Try to tell me it’s the same thing.  Ha.  I know it’s tacky and not what you ordered, but it’s good enough.  (That’s not a quote, that’s just me role playing.  I like to do that sometimes.  It works off my anger so I don’t write something stu*** in my emails.)

Anybody else have a disappointing internet purchase story?


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

One response to “Just admit that you’re wrong, and give me my money back.

  • madhousewife

    The only story I have is when my son insisted that I order this Mario Kart Yoshi toy that turned out to be much smaller than either of us was expecting. I think we just failed to read the fine print. Fortunately, however, it arrived broken, so we had a good excuse to return it and get our money back.

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