Quality Time

Merkin goes to the gym just about every day, and BratzBasher is required to go at least twice a week.  I’ve resolved to match BB’s twice a week rule.  So yesterday found us all at the gym.  Merkin says it isn’t exactly quality time because we don’t stick together the whole time.  He does his own thing on the elliptical, and my preferred exercise is the stationery bike.  BB likes to walk (okay, run if she has to, but not for very long) — treadmill or track, but she opted to try the bike with me last night.  Merkin showed her how to do it, but she often went slow enough that the machine either paused or decided she was done with her workout.  She had to start her program over again at least twice.  She did spend 25 minutes on the thing, though.  She’s not a cyclist, in case you couldn’t tell.  She’ll probably go back to the treadmill again next time.  She toughed that one out longer than I did my one and only time on the elliptical.

As far as whether or not we spent “real” quality time together?  I think we can at least count dinner and the accompanying conversation, don’t you?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, but I think the exercise last night helped.  I was able to do thirty minutes on the bike at my target heart rate without wishing I’d stayed at home.

The gym wasn’t too crowded.  Probably because it snowed yesterday/the night before/I don’t know because I was sleeping.  Well, I was sleeping the night before, not all yesterday.  It was a snow day, and the roads weren’t that great.  Linda was actually disappointed that today wasn’t a snow day.  “But there’s still snow on the ground!  It should be considered too cold to go to school.”  Yeah, I didn’t want to get up this morning, either, kid.  (Should I have put that comma before “either”?  Do I really care?  Don’t know, and no.)

So am I going to the gym again tonight?  Maybe.  Or I might just go to the City Museum with Merkin and BB tomorrow.  That’s definitely a workout when you do it right.  I know it’s a workout for Merkin.  Last time we went, he did the ten (?) story slide three times in a row.  Good gravy.  I can barely do it once.  All those stairs.  I need a nap just thinking about it.



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