Collector’s Item? Or White Elephant?

BratzBasher and I finished putting together her white elephant gift for school.  Normally, this much effort would be lost on a junior high white elephant exchange, but this is for BB’s GATE class.

I suggested we look in an old box of Archie McPhee stuff we got a couple of years ago.  Score!  We found Amish action figures!  Look what you can do with a few toys, an old Zune box, some twist ties, and a little imagination:

Limited Edition!

Can you find the new guy? He hasn't exactly learned to fit in yet.

Yes, those are orange pants.

What the heck is Jebediah holding? He appears to be battling a Triffid tentacle.

Of course, we picked the most deformed versions of each figure.  We still can’t figure out what Jebediah’s tool is.  It’s supposed to be straight, but there’s just some blob on the end of it — sort of grayish-green.  BB says it’s a palm frond.  Or maybe a torch.  I’m leaning toward one of those long-handled axes.  What do you think?


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