Good luck finding test subjects.

BratzBasher’s homework this weekend includes a science worksheet on hypothesis writing.  The worksheet lists questions, and the student has to name the independent and dependent variables and write the hypothesis.  We had to take a giggle break in the middle of #7: “Which type of bug spray, Repel, Cutters, or Off keeps more mosquitoes away?”  How would a junior high student test this one?  What about the control group?  Here’s what BB came up with for her hypothesis:

If three people are sprayed with Repel, Cutters, or Off and exposed to a swarm of mosquitoes, then the person wearing Off will have the least amount of mosquito bites.

We had visions of spraying four people — three with bug spray and one (unknowingly) with water (because who would volunteer to do this experiment without bug spray?) — and then taking them down to a particularly swampy area along the Katy Trail and letting them stand there for an hour or so.  Then you count all the bites.  Then, because you have to perform the experiment multiple times for the most accurate results, you make them do it all over again — after marking the bites from day one with Sharpie so that you don’t include them in day two’s count.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why can’t you just spray cards and see which one gets the fewest mosquitoes on it?”  Well, what will attract the mosquitoes to a card?  Nothing, that’s what.

Isn’t science fun?


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3 responses to “Good luck finding test subjects.

  • madhousewife

    There is no way I’d volunteer for that experiment. I wouldn’t even do it for money. Not even for a million trillion dollars!

  • madhousewife

    But think about it–someone’s got to be testing these mosquito repellents. How do they do it? Now this will bug me. Ha ha, get it? Bug me? Hahahahaha!

  • merkin4

    The best part of the experiment would be telling the volunteers/victims that under no circumstances are they allowed to actually swat the mosquitoes.

    And the spot of the trail that the kid and I would have to use is behind a sewage treatment plant. It’s fine through that section if you keep moving (usually), but if you’re doing less than 8 mph, the bugs will just about pick you up and carry you away. I’ve seen hikers break off tree branches and walk along, swatting at themselves like a cow flicking flies away with its tail.

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