A bit o’ this, a bit o’ that.

Ricky from Target (He totally looks like a Ricky) called me today to tell me my glasses are ready.  I’m kind of excited.  Mostly about being able to see better, but also I’m hoping that they will look better when I can see them on me from further than a foot away.  Maybe they’ll be perfect — or nearer to it than I anticipated.

I also need to contact T-Mobile and ask them what the heck is going on with my online account info.  It tells me I have $75 on my pre-paid account, but no minutes.  That’s garbage.  I want to know what my exact minutes are, thank you, not a plea for more money “to avoid an interruption in service.”  Dopes.  Yes, my phone is still working.  It does have $75 on it.

BratzBasher is on a field trip today.  Or, rather, she was on a field trip.  She’ll be back at school by now.  The entire 7th grade went to see A Christmas Carol.  I hope she enjoyed it.  I think the last time I saw a play on stage was when we attended a local high school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

December is almost here.  I don’t do so well this time of year.  I need to make sure I get out of the house every day, not overburden myself with unnecessary holiday preparations, and pray, pray, pray.  I think that last one will probably help the most.

I didn’t sew BB’s jammies yesterday.  I did confirm that Merkin will require the same size.  He’s lost so much weight, plus he wears his pants around his practically non-existent hips.  This is not a dig at my hubby’s appearance, mind you.  I just realized it would look that way.  I like his new look.  I liked his old look.  I like his practically non-existent hips.  If that was too much information, you can just roll your eyes at me and move on.

And moving on…I did finish my skirt yesterday.  It doesn’t look as finished along the bottom edge as I would’ve liked, but that’s due to the fabric I used.  It’s difficult to do certain things with brocade, but I like the look.  The skirt looks great.  I can’t wait to wear it Sunday.  BB promised she’d let me wear it twice before she asked to borrow it.  Ha.  Darn tootin’, kid.  Besides, she still hasn’t worn her new dress to church yet.  I need to get her those leggings, but I have to try them on to determine whether we need large or extra large.  Why can’t they just make magically altering clothing.  One size fits all!  No, really!  We mean it!  And they would mean it, by golly.

I took a nap this morning and had a bizarre dream about living in a dystopian society.  We were getting ready to move away, but the government was helping us move, so we had to get rid of any incriminating evidence in our possession.  If we broke the law, we’d have to stay.  Isn’t that crazy?  I found three articles of clothing that I’d borrowed from someone and never returned.  Rather than give them back — inviting an accusation of thievery — I was trying to figure out how to burn them in secret.  Then I needed to figure out what to do with all the metal parts (zippers, snaps, etc.) so that no one would find them and wonder why I’d been burning clothing.  I finally decided to sew them inside our clothes next to similar metal parts so that the metal detectors wouldn’t give us away.  It was crazy.

Then there was this message mole.  An actual mole bearing a message on his back.  He’d been lurking around, and I thought he was a rat, at first, because he was so small. By the time I figured out what he was, the string tying the message to his back had rubbed him raw under the forelegs, and I had to treat his wounds and figure out how to reply to the message some other way before it was too late.  It was a secret message from some government official that was on our side, warning us to hide any pictures BB had drawn of him as a panda.  Yeah.  I get some weird ones sometimes.

And now I have errands to run — glasses to pick up — things to see and do.


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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

3 responses to “A bit o’ this, a bit o’ that.

  • madhousewife

    Lesson for the day: Don’t speed-read your sister’s blog because she might be talking about a dream, only in your haste to read you do not actually catch the part about it being a dream, and you start thinking that she really did find a secret message mole–only that’s crazy, so you have to go back and read the whole thing again, entirely defeating the purpose of speed-reading in the first place.

    A word to the wise!

  • Lorrie

    I saw your skirt and loved it as well as BB’s dress. The stocking were a perfect touch.

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