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BratzBasher couldn’t find her leggings yesterday, so she couldn’t wear her new dress.  The darn thing looks fine until she sits down.  It rides up quite a bit.  It’ll look really cute with leggings, though.  I should get her a couple new pair.  She’s got multiple outfits that could use them now that she’s a bit taller.

I’m currently working on a skirt.  The fabric is a  rich blue brocade with silver and light blue bamboo leaves.  It’s very pretty.  The skirt pattern is straight.  According to Butterick, I’m a 24 (liars).  That’s fine.  I still get to claim I’m a sixteen/eighteen in store-bought clothing.  Not that I go around telling people what size I am.  Except on my blog.

Now that BratzBasher is back in school, I can sew her Christmas jammies.  I like to get them done as early as possible so that I’m not sewing like a mad freak the day before Christmas Eve.  That’s when she gets to open up one present, and it’s always the jammies.  She knows she gets them every year, but she never knows what the fabric will be.  I found some more frogs this year.  She’s gotten frogs for the past couple of years.  This year’s frogs are just heads with curly tongues sticking out.  On green fabric, of course — her favorite color.

I should get back to my skirt, but I had a slight setback.  (I sewed the waistband on backwards and had to take out all the stitching.)  Whenever that happens, I take a quick break before I start over.  It helps.  I should be finished with both the skirt and the jammies before BB gets home today.

I got a new sewing chair today for $10.  One of the local libraries has built a brand new building, and they held a garage sale today to get rid of all their old furniture –chairs, tables, desks, bookcases, display cases, etc.  I knew they’d have roller chairs, so I dragged Merkin out this morning to fetch one for myself.  They had office chairs with arms, but the one I got is shorter and has no arms.  It’s perfect.  Plenty of support for my lower back.  I’m very happy.  Merkin picked up a computer projector.  I’m sure he’ll find a use for it.  I hope he can find a place to store it.  He bought the cart, too.

Well, back to my skirt.  After I finish checking my email, that is.



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