Happy Birthday, dear BratzBasher!

I would have written this post earlier in the day, but I’ve been busy sewing.  The one thing BB asked me for was a chinese dress (the internet says it’s either a qipao, or a cheongsam) made from some black and purple brocade I purchased a few years ago.  It has dragons on it.  She didn’t tell me this until it was too late to have it finished for her birthday, but I’m hoping to have it done by Sunday.  We’ve hit a few snags in the meantime.  First, BB’s body type does not exactly conform to the pattern, so I’ve had to make a couple of alterations to allow for a bigger waist.  Second, I cut out the pattern with the fabric wrong-side up instead of right-side up, so now the dress fastens on the right instead of the left.  This may not seem like a big deal, and the internet pictures assure me it can be done either way, but (here’s where I turn this into a run-on sentence) it was unintentional and, therefore, a mongoid mistake.   It’s okay.  I’m getting over it.  And this post is not about me.  It’s about BratzBasher!

BratzBasher is thirteen today!  Woohoo!

That means it’s time for another walk down memory lane to visit one of our favorite BB stories.  Let’s see…this year, I think we’ll take our story from my  “Things I learned from Baby BratzBasher” list.

BB has always had a great imagination.  When she was just a little girl, she pretended to be a lot of things: superhero, rock star, dog…you know, the usual stuff.  However, she never — not once — pretended to be anyone other than herself.  She pretended to be something else, but never someone else.  She’d put on her Doty dress (the Dorothy costume I made for her first Halloween as a trick-or-treater) and her Doty shoes and go with Daddy to Granato’s for lunch.  Some mother would invariably come up to her and say, “Why, look!  It’s Dorothy!” and BB would say, “No.  I BratzBasher.”  (Sometimes they’d guess that her favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz, and BB would say, “No.  Brig’doon.”)

Even when she was older and dressed up in her Lone Ranger costume for…was it her sixth Halloween?  Doesn’t matter.  The point is that she was not pretending to be The Lone Ranger.  She was pretending to be A Lone Ranger named BratzBasher.  Who also happened to have a Native American sidekick named Curious George.  There was even a period of a few months between ages two and three when she wouldn’t answer to anything less than her full name.  It was adorable.

So what do we learn from all of this?  We learn that it’s important to be true to ourselves.  Why pretend to be someone you’re not?  Who you are is pretty great.  So say BratzBasher and Mr. Rogers.

So Happy Thirteenth, BratzBasher!  You are still made of awesome.



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I'm a married, bum-around-the-house mom with one child, BratzBasher, who is the only thing in the universe cuter than a bunny nose. I enjoy reading, crafts, sewing unusual Halloween costumes, and taking long walks through Jo-Ann. View all posts by foo4luv

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