Apparently, I’m not completely lacking in skills.

Pending verification of my identity (I forgot my Social Security card) and the checking of my references, I will soon be on the availability roster of a local temp agency.  That means the interview went all right.

They tested me on more than my typing.  There were assessment tests for numeric data entry, alpha-numeric data entry, typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (which I pretty much bombed), and…no, I guess that’s it.  Aside from the Excel, I did well.  There were only three or four things I couldn’t do in Word, and those were kind of advanced. The one thing that I objected to (to myself, not out loud) was the presence of punctuation errors in the typing test.  It grated on me to leave them in place, but my scores would have dropped dramatically if I’d added in those commas.  And yes, they were needed.  I’m not normally comma happy.

Once I’m officially one of their temps, they’ll actually let me train online to pick up some more skills.  That’s pretty good.

Well, I’d better eat something.  The appointment was right around lunchtime, and I didn’t eat beforehand.


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