The Purple Lady in Michigan

I just got back from my trip to Michigan to see PL.  I could only swing a one-day trip with travel days on either side, but I was glad to get what little time we had.

I’d forgotten how tiny she is.  She doesn’t quite come up to my shoulder when we’re standing side by side.  Her hair isn’t purple now because she hasn’t had it dyed in a while, but all the purple with which she surrounds herself tends to reflect off of her grey hair, making it appear just a bit lavender.  I’ve got pictures.

Say hello to my readers, PL!


 I’m not very good at holding the camera steady, as y’all well know, so I set up the timed delay and took more pictures on the couch.

my buddy and me

That’s probably the one and only time you’ll see my photo on this blog.  (I’m kind of camera shy.)

Here’s another of just PL:

Isn't she sweet?

PL wasn’t up to doing a whole lot, but I did get her out of the house for dinner last night.  We went to Vango’s in Marquette for Greek food.  I had a gyro, but PL ordered something non-greek, a rib-eye steak sandwich.  She did like the looks of my tziki (?) sauce, though, and asked for some to put on her sandwich.  She also managed to wind up with fries on it, too, after several attempts to get the top and bottom halves of her sandwich together.  She started out by putting the top on her fries.  Then she realized what she did and carefully turned it over and started putting fries on the top half.  Then she changed her mind, carefully placed the fries on the bottom half of the sandwich, and finally got the top half where it belonged.  I know it’s kind of sad, but it’s also kind of funny.  She certainly thought it was.

Marquette is beautiful this time of year.  I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer.  PL didn’t want to go to bed last night because she was afraid I’d be gone when she woke up.  I had to promise five times to wake her up in the morning before I left.  Don’t worry — I didn’t forget.

Her little cocker spaniel, Coco (named after Coco Chanel) is adorable, though she’s getting on in years, too.  Every time Coco goes out in the backyard to…do her business, I guess I’ll say, she gets a “cookie” when she comes back in.  Just after she comes back in the door is the liveliest you’ll ever see Coco these days.  She loves her cookies.  When PL and I got back from dinner, Coco managed to escape out the front door.  When we finally got her back inside, she ran all over the place and jumped up and down.  She was expecting a cookie.  Sorry, Coco.  You don’t get a cookie for going out the front door.  She finally got tired and lay down, refusing to come when called.  She just looked at us reproachfully.

Here’s the only non-blurry pic I have of Coco:

PL's little Coco "nut"

Well, that’s my trip, in a nutshell.  Now I need to pick up BratzBasher at school.


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