Christmas Bells

Yeah, I know.  It’s not even Halloween yet, Foo4!  What’s the deal bringing up Christmas?!

Well, I was walking through Michael’s the other day, and I saw a shelf of those miniature clay pots.  I suddenly remembered that I’d made Christmas bells one year, using mini pots, paint, ribbon, and beads.  I decided to make a few for the craft fair next month.  What do you think of these?

Yes, they do ring prettily — just not by accident.  You have to actually shake them.  The organza ribbon is a tad stiff.

The only hard part about these is assembling them together, getting the wooden clapper bead to hang at just the right spot.  I’m sure there’s probably an easier way to rig the bell, but the ribbon looks so cute.  I’ve got a plastic triangular bead with a knot just below it to keep the whole thing from pulling out the top.  I had to double-knot below the clapper because the wooden bead’s hole is too big for a single knot to work.  I also added a coat of glossy varnish to this year’s crop.  Last year, I just left them plain.  They were still cute, but the varnish adds a finished touch.  Plus, I also treated the ends of the ribbon with no-fray liquid.  That stuff is awesome.  I treat the ribbon before I start assembly, and it doesn’t fray at all, though I’m dragging it through all sorts of tight spots.

Got any design ideas for my bells?  I’m loving the stripes.  The snowflakes are a bit ho-hum to me — not to mention my first attempt looked like daisies.  I’ve decided to turn that one into a regular pot and add a yellow dot in the center of each “daisy”.  Maybe I should do some polka dots in red and green and maybe silver, or something.  I’ll try that on one of them.  I’m currently working on some that are light green with red trim and white polka dots (on the trim).  I’ll take a pic of that when they’re finished.

I just thought of the dumbest name for these — which I will never use: pot bellies.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Makes me think of fat piggies.

Don’t forget to enter the Again! Again! Again! contest via commenting on this post.  I’ve added a few more fun, little books to the prize shelf.


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