I’ve got a golden piggy!

It will not get me into the chocolate factory, however.  The Wii gave me a golden piggy a while back to celebrate the 40 hours that I’ve been using the darn thing.  If only it would dance for me after every half hour, instead of just the first.  I could use a little more entertainment to encourage me to go on for the rest of the hour.

For those of you who do not have/use Wii Fit, it keeps track of your time with a sort of piggy bank.  I forget what color it starts with, but it moves on to bronze, silver, and gold.  Do you think platinum is next?  Or is it like the dancing?  The first milestones get celebrated, but the rest are taken for granted.  Yep.  I looked it up, and there are no more colors.  You’d think I was done.  Whatever.  I’ll just have to find some way to reward myself.  That doesn’t involve chocolate.  Or shopping.  Well, actually, I do shop for new jeans when I lose enough weight to warrant it.  Though I do like to be able to pull the waistband out and look at how much space there is between it and my waist, I’d prefer to be able to keep my pants up.  Merkin is sticking with his old belt as a way to remind himself how much he’s lost.  It now goes around his waist one and a half times.

I told BratzBasher about my golden piggy, and she started singing that song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — only with new words:

I’ve got a golden piggy!

I’ve got a golden chance to lose some weight!

And with a golden piggy, it’s a golden day!

It’s a very cute piggy.  Here — I found you a picture of a silver one:


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