What’s up with that? And more on the room makeover project.

What’s the deal with businesses subscribing to my blog?  It almost seems like reverse spamming since they’ll be getting an email every time I update.  I don’t get it.  Are they just trying to get me to visit their site so I’ll be so overcome with how awesome they are that I buy a bunch of stuff?  Are they doing the facebook-y thing and hoping for reciprocation?  If so, they’re out of luck.  I don’t even subscribe to my sisters’ blogs.  Does anybody else have this happening to them?  I’m just curious.

On another note…

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I rearranged some furniture.  Not everything — just a couple of chairs.  We have a lot of chairs.  This is a good thing when people come to visit, but I still need to find places for them all.  I’ve decided to use at least two of them for decoration and put baskets on them.

Meanwhile, I’m still plotting the final look of the front room.  I’ve been scoping out the thrift stores to see if I can find a suitable replacement for my sewing table.  The current one is convenient and has a couple of really great features, but it’s a bit bulky and unattractive.  They don’t sell snazzy sewing tables for my old gal these days for under $200, and I seriously can’t imagine loving one enough to spend that much money.  I’m kind of stingy about what I spend on furniture.  It’s part of who I am.  I’m thinking I want a small table or desk — with a little extra surface area for the project I’m working on so that it doesn’t hang off the edge while I’m sewing.  Plus, I can put a tablecloth on it, or something, if I want.  I’m not finding anything so far.

There are a lot of old Kenmore sewing tables out there, by the way, with the sewing machines still attached.  I was looking at one (not in earnest, because it was nothing I could use) and I couldn’t believe how impractical it was.  There was a drawer underneath the storage area (where the machine hides when not in use) that made it impossible to put your knees under the table.  I can’t sew with my knees knocking against the front.  Plus, that would require me to bend over too far in order to use the machine.  No, thank you.  I think not.

I’ve also been considering getting one of those cube storage units — the kind with the fabric baskets that fit inside?  I could use half of it for storage and half for books.  I just don’t love it enough to spend the money.  Although, compared to other options, it’s actually quite reasonably priced.  I told you I was stingy.


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