Clutter Cleanup: the aftermath

I still have a few boxes of things I need to find places for.  I’m anticipating some sort of bookcase — perhaps I’ll bring the one from my bedroom out, but I don’t know that I want anything that tall in the front room.  Anyway, I have a bunch of books that are waiting for a home.  I also need a spot for people’s shoes.  There really isn’t a good place for them right now, and there are things like the old “mowing the lawn” shoes that are best kept near the door so they aren’t tracking grass through the house.  I’ll see.

I’m headed to the thrift store to drop off some old clothes that I forgot I had ready to go.  My friend took all the stuff I decided to donate so that it would be out of my house for good.  I was careful not to toss anything that wasn’t mine.  I suppose I could have made a couple of executive decisions, but I decided against it.  Does that count as an executive decision?  Ah well.

You know, I didn’t get lunch until after I picked up BratzBasher from school.  My friend decided she’d rather work the whole time she was there.  We had a very productive day, but I was super hungry by the end of it.  I’d post a picture, but I’m still trying to get the camera/computer thing figured out.  I don’t understand it.  It was working before, but now…nothing.  Just trust me when I say it looks good.

I need a shower now.  I just did an hour on the Wii Fit.  Only 0.9 lbs left to lose this month.  Next month, I’ll go for another five lbs.  I’ve been doing it in increments of five so that I don’t get discouraged.  I can lose five.  It’s when I look at the 70 lbs goal that I give up.  So I’m just not going to think about that.  I’ll go down five at a time and get there eventually.  It’ll take me, what?  A year?  Actually, I think less than that because I’ve already lost some of that.  I’ll round up to a year, though.  Then I’ll forget about it and focus on one month at a time.  Okay, now I’m really getting off my butt.

BTW – BB and I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 this week at the $1 theater.  I thought it would probably be lame because sequels usually are, but it was really fun.  If you’re skipping it because of the sequels=lame thing, don’t.


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